Top Misconceptions About Swingers & The Lifestyle in General

swingers lifestyle misconceptions

Regardless of the wealth of information about the swingers lifestyle in general available online, there are still dozens of misconceptions held by non-participators. Here are some common myths about swingers followed by a few research backed truths.

5 Common Myths About the Swinging Lifestyle

  1. Swingers are Sexual Deviants—Nothing could be further from the truth. While some swingers may enjoy kinky sex, there’s no predominance of such fetishes amid lifestyle participants.
  2. Swingers are Prone to Cheating—Realistically, there’s little reason to cheat on a partner who shares a love of swinging that allows couples to be open about their desire for intimacy with others.
  3. Couples Who Swing Practice Unsafe Sex—Swingers are actually more likely to use condoms and practice safe sex than monogamous couples.
  4. Swingers are Strange and Unhappy People—A majority of swingers are successful individuals with steady jobs and are in happy, loving relationships. Many have children and are just as normal as anyone else.
  5. Swingers Will Sleep with Anyone—Active swingers tend to be rather choosy about who they share their time and partners with, and couples often choose potential partners together.

Some Facts About the Swinging Lifestyle

Not all swingers are young and sex crazed. In fact, the average age for men and women to enter the lifestyle is around 35 years of age. More than two-thirds of swingers are actively affiliated with religious organizations—about 10 percent higher than the general population. Approximately 80 percent of swingers are in committed relationships or are married, and they actually have far lower divorce rates than couples in traditional unions. Too boot, a large majority of those in the swinger’s lifestyle have some level of college education.

As you can see, swinging and couple swapping are not for any special type of individuals—it can be a lifestyle amenable to everyone!



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