Swingers Lifestyle Taboos – Types, Examples, Meaning

swingers lifestyle taboos

Describing something in the swingers lifestyle as being taboo is very subjective, as people’s social customs and concepts of sex differ. In the swingers lifestyle and for risqué couples, taboos don’t exist in consensual, legal relations. We’ll discuss some common things viewed as taboo to vanilla folks.


Swinging in the lifestyle sector can entail a wide range of arrangements ranging from threesomes and partner swapping to cuckolding, orgies and polyamorous relationships. Some couples start with soft swaps where only foreplay occurs and maybe some petting, while others go for hard swaps and have full-blown sex. The choice is yours!


Bondage is a segment of BDSM and can be a favorite with couples who like to be restrained during intercourse. It often involves typing someone up or using handcuffs. Some like to bond the arms or legs and even add a gag or blindfold into the mix.

Being Degraded

Partners who enjoy being degraded love the feeling of being used and sexually controlled by partners they trust. Some people incorporate light slapping, choking and some even use spitting to degrade their lover.



Bondage, domination and sadomasochism are one of the more involved fetishes of swingers. We’ve discussed bondage, and domination is the concept of a partner having absolute authority with unchallenged authority. Masochism can entail hair pulling, orgasm denial or activities that include spanking, biting, flogging and whipping. This is often craved by partners who crave the controlling type.

Introducing Sex Toys Into the Bedroom

Toys ranging from dildos and vibrators to other toys should never be considered taboo, as many people use them either in private or together. They can definitely spice up your sex life and bring new sensations into the bedroom, and today’s options are incredible!


For those who aren’t in the ‘know’, pegging involves sex that often involves a cis female putting on a strap-on dildo and then inserting it into their (usually male) partner’s anus. The recipient does not identify as cis. There are many variations, styles and sizes of pegging devices, so couples want to discuss what they want and what they can handle. It takes a good bit of trust to allow someone to peg you, so make sure everyone is open to it.

How Do You Feel About the Term Taboos?

When you begin looking at how different people think about taboo sex acts, it only shows that there aren’t actually any at all. What goes on in the swingers lifestyle is wide-ranging and different for participants and is open for experimentation and exploration. Be open to your passions in the world of swinging.


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