Three Secrets of Pleasurable Flogging

Those new to the flogging scene may be eager to take or feel that first swing, but there are few tips and tricks that even some practiced spankers can learn. Once both participants have agreed to add flogging to the bedroom and negotiated terms, here are a few secrets to keeping the experience pleasurable.

1.  Avoid Wrapping the Tails

This is very important to understand before delving in, as wrapping can cause severe pain that many bottoms don’t care for (however, some do). Wrapping is when the tips or part of the tail of the flog wraps around a curved part of the body such as the torso, shoulders, legs, or buttock sides. It’s beneficial to take careful aim as a novice, and use a whipping motion that prevents wrapping. We’ll discuss technique shortly.

2.  Decide Where to Whip

Popular areas to flog include the upper and center back, where it’s essential to avoid hitting the spine to prevent vertebral injury. Of course, the butt is irresistible with a flogger in hand, and it can be quite pleasurable for recipients when done properly. Spanking the rear takes greater accuracy because of the curves that are amenable to wrapping around the hips. Also, avoid hitting the tailbone directly and be gentle flogging breasts to prevent injuries.

3.  Master Swinging Techniques

Flogging can result in a ‘thud’ or ‘stinging’ sensation depending on the swing and technique employed. Instead of using a full swing motion, the key is to utilize a backward pulling motion of the wrist just before contact. The timing of this action controls how much of the flog tails make contact. Greater contact creates a larger thud feeling, while just the tips making contact cause a stinging sensation. For a truly great experience, vary soft and hard blows.

We recommend new floggers or bottom recipients begin this journey with a horse hair flogger, small leather whip, or cat o’nine tails, and you can work your way up to bigger punishment tools when you and your partner are ready for greater intensity.



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