Lifestyle Definitions – A

A Person or persons who enjoys sexual activity involving both the same sex and the opposite sex; Also known as Bi- or Bisexual. These swingers tend to be free spirits and enjoy swinger sex more and are more sexually liberated with little to no reservations. (See also Bi Sexual)

All Cultures
All cultures is an individual or committed couple who enjoys all sexual activities, they have no taboos and enjoy all fetishes. People that are in to all cultures tend to be free spirit, open minded and make great life long friends.

Alpha Male
Refers to a well endowed, confident man that has sex with the wife of a cuckold. (See also Swinger Bull)

Anal penetration, also known as Anal intercourse; The act of the anus being penetrated by an object or penis. During anal intercourse it is most common for the penis to be involved. Over the years and in ancient cultures anal intercourse may involve a toy, fruit, vegetable or other object. The act is commonly known as Anal-Penile intercourse. (See also Greek or Greek culture.)

Anallingus, also known as Rim Job is oral stimulation of the anus and rim of the anus by a partner licking fast movements in the center of the anus opening and along the rim, or outside of the anus. Anallingus can also include light kissing, or mild sucking of the anus. Once performed the most common practice is the tongue moving in fast circular movements outside and even placing the tongue inside the anus to stimulate mood and heighten orgasms. During swinger intercourse anallingus is often used when a man is having sex with a woman in the cowgirl position and a third partner is administering to achieve an anal orgasm.

Fetishes. The practice of using non-sexual objects, actions, or non-genital anatomy to achieve sexual arousal and pleasure.