The Great Cum Mystery…To Swallow or Not to Swallow?

Of course, whether or not to swallow semen is a personal preference. However, there are men who truly love to see it happen and partners who really want to please their partners by doing so even if they prefer not do partake. Here are some benefits of swallowing cum and a few ways to help partners overcome their reluctance to do so.

The Vast Benefits of Ingesting Semen

Besides being an incredible source of protein, minerals, nutrients and natural sugars, healthy semen also has other psychological and physical benefits. Scientific studies have revealed that in some individuals ingesting semen can boost moods, enhance the immune system and even reduce acne. Some people view semen as a gift of their partner’s ‘hame’ or energy and consider it an honor as taking in the core of their partner. Obviously, swallowing cum is a major turn on for partners visually as well.

A Few Words on Getting Past the Taste of Semen

Surveys seem to indicate that most women aren’t grossed out by the idea of swallowing so much as they are opposed to the way it tastes (and this can go both ways ladies and gentlemen). It may surprised you to learn that what you eat, drink and smoke can dramatically effect the taste of your love jizz.

Sweeten the deal a bit so to speak by partaking in fruits such as mango, pineapple, kiwi and strawberries at least an hour before hooking up. Avoid acidic, smelly foods like asparagus and broccoli and lay of cigarettes and alcohol to have a fresher, more tolerable taste and smell. Your semen will reflect your consumption.

For Still Reluctant Swallowers

Hey, it just may not be for you, but if you feel like you’re just hesitant for other reasons here are some ideas. Maybe you simply need a visual sex appeal to apply to ejaculate, so allow your partner to do so on your breasts, chin, in the hand, on the face etc. and see what happens. Consider trying taking it into your mouth and discreetly spitting it into a towel or allowing it to trickle out of the mouth, so he still gets his visual. Sometimes, this tricks can change your mind on swallowing. Keep and open mind and open heart and do what feels right for you.

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