Lifestyle Definitions – D

D&D Free
very Hygienic;someone who considers themselves disease and drug free. Generally this refers to being free of STD s and illegal drugs, also clean shaven. You may also see this written as D/D Free or just DD. (See also  CLEAN)

A dildo is a sex toy often used for vaginal stimulation. It is usually shaped phallic like and used during masturbation. Although mainly used for vaginal stimulation, it is also used for Anal stimulation to heighten orgasms. (See also  Anal Sex)

Discipline or Sexual Discipline
Discipline is often referred to as a fetish where one partner will dominate a willing partner or participant. the act often includes physical punishment of the sub, or submissive partner. the punishment or discipline ranges from physical restraints and mild spankings to sometimes painful beatings.

Discretion or Discreet
A discreet swinger is an individual swinger or swinger couple that emphasize extreme caution not to alert friends family or people they know will not be offended or aware of the swinging activities.

Being docile, is someone who wants to and is willing to receive bondage and or discipline fetishes. Individual is also known as submissive.

Domestic Training
Submissive obedience to household chores of an intimate and humiliating nature.

Dominant (DOM)
A sexual partner in control of a willing submissive partner. the dominant person plays the role of power and controls the submissive partner.

Double Penetration (DP)
A sexual partner willing to accept a penis in the vaginal cavity and in the anal cavity at the same time. Experienced DP users often say it heightens sex due to the woman feeling both penis’s touching together on  the inside of the woman. Some women experience multiple orgasm from the act.