Tips to Help a Man Be More Self Confident in the Lifestyle

Confident Lifestyle Male

Whether you are a part of a couple or a single man in the swingers lifestyle, confidence is sexy to the ladies. When you don’t feel confident, it shows, so you may have to fake it until it comes true. We have gathered a few tips lifestyle men can use to become more confident when trying to connect with others in the swingers community.

Look The Part

Dress for success. Dress in proper attire for the occasion. If you are heading to a Meet and Greet at a sports bar, or heading to a swingers club, dress appropriately. Most clubs have a dress code that you most adhere to.

Proper Hygiene

This is very important especially in the lifestyle. Women are attracted to a well groomed man and a man that smells good. Before going out to meet with a prospective play partner, spend some time grooming yourself. Shower and Shave, you never know what could happen at the end of the night.

Eye Contact

Whether you’re having a conversation with someone, make eye contact. This shows interest in the actual conversation being had. Also, be aware of other people, and your surroundings.

Confident Swingers Lifestyle Man

Give Good Compliments

Instead of saying “You look beautiful tonight,” find something specific and unique. It will show that you’re really paying attention, and that you aren’t just trying to get something back for being nice.

Don’t Play Hard to Get

Once interested, don’t treat it like a game. We are all grown ups, and can be open and honest about our feelings. When you say you will follow up, do it. Attempting to play games could make you look insecure and immature.

Don’t Complain

Talk about your life in a positive way. Of course, no situation is perfect, but you can find good things to say about your home, family and your job. You don’t want to start off on a down note.

Never Talk about Your Past Play Experiences

Of course, in some cases you may want to elaborate on past experiences to make sure it doesn’t happen again. But maybe not on the first contact. Get to know the individual and judge them based on their character and don’t use past experiences to judge them.

Finding the right match for you and your partner in the swingers lifestyle can be scary, but it can be a lot of fun. Building your own confidence will make you more successful and a better play partner, too.