What are Orgies Really Like in The Swinging Lifestyle

Swing Club Orgies

Many people imagine orgies to be a rowdy and outrageous affair, but the truth is that they’re often simpler and less visually captivating than imagined. Newcomers to the swinging lifestyle often expect orgies to play out like scenes from a high-budget porno, but that’s not likely to happen at every event. Luckily, orgies are still incredibly pleasurable, and this guide will help you break through the common myths so you can have realistic expectations for your first orgy!


Slow and Steady

When you first walk into a swingers club, you may be taken aback at how normal it all seems. You’ll see people dancing, drinking, and chatting just like at any other club. As you spend more time inside, you may notice some stronger affection than in a normal club, and you may even see some sex out in the open depending on the set up. However, many full-blown orgies often happen in a more secluded area away from the bar and dance floor. You may need a key to the room, or you may be able to simply enter and enjoy.

This is often true even at house parties as well. There may be people drinking and eating in the backyard or living room while others are enjoying an orgy in the bedroom. Most newcomers assume that the entire club is transformed into one giant orgy, but in reality, it’s often more subdued than that.

Planned Orgies and Free-For-Alls

Depending on the club or event, you’ll likely have to socialize for a while before jumping into bed. Some parties are more risqué than others, and there are times where you can simply get in bed and immediately have fun. In reality, it’s more likely that you’ll socialize with your future partners in the same way you would at any other gathering.

People want to feel safe together, and they want to see that everyone gets along before going further. Take it slow, and don’t get frustrated if the orgy comes later or even not at all. Everything depends on the atmosphere, and it’s important to have fun for fun’s sake. With a laid-back attitude, you’ll find that more people feel comfortable around you which is the key to a successful orgy.

Forget Pornography

Finally, orgies will generally not look like the kind you find in pornography. Porn is designed to be visually stimulating for the viewer while real-life orgies are simply meant to feel good. Some orgies may be exceptionally cinematic, but they usually aren’t as grand as the spectator imagined. However, once you join in, you’ll quickly understand why they’re so popular! So let go of any preconceived ideas about orgies and enjoy them for what they are: a freeing experience that will quickly consume you with pleasure and excitement!


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