Living A Hotwife Lifestyle


Do you want to spice up your marriage by trying something you’ve always dreamed of doing? Hotwifing is when a wife has other sexual partners, with the approval of her husband. Both parties can achieve a great deal of sexual satisfaction as they get to live out this swinger fantasy, with the wife being free to try things she hasn’t even tried yet with her husband.

There are some rational reasons why hotwifing is a turn on for the husband, such as sperm competition and simple voyeurism. The husband may or may not want to watch, as it may be enough just to know his wife is having sex with other men. A big part of the thrill is knowing how attractive his wife is to other men.

If you really trust your partner, becoming a hot wife can help your relationship bloom and give you back some of the excitement from when your relationship was new. Your self-esteem and self-confidence will grow as you bask in the attention and admiration of multiple partners. A hot wife will feel beautiful and confident. It’s always sexy to know you’re doing something other people may not approve of.

Jealousy is a big problem in many relationships. Hotwifing helps couples move past those kinds of negative feelings, building trust and letting go of insecurities.

Like with any other consensual sex acts, the key is making sure you are being open and honest with your partners. Sharing your fantasies can enhance your sex life and bring you closer together, but you should never feel bad about letting your partner know if anything makes you uncomfortable.


If either one of you ever decide you want to stop, be honest about it right away. This is for your pleasure, and it won’t be good for either of you if you don’t enjoy it anymore.


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