Swinging Ps and Qs

Swinging Ps and Qs

People who are curious about joining the swinging lifestyle always ask, “Do I have to have sex if I attend one of these events” and of course the answer is always NO

They may also show concerned about showing off their body in public as well as maybe, being rejected. Well, I get to tell you that open minded people in the lifestyle are not hung up on body image and what you may look like.  Yes we all have our preference on how we may like to play with, but some don’t care too much on what your body type is, as long as you are confident, friendly and ready to play.  Rejection happens in any club setting, but it is how you deal with that reject that makes you the bigger person.

Overcoming rejection in a swingers club is the same as if you were out at a regular night club.  A single girl at a night club or a unicorn at a swinger’s event will be approached by a few different suitors for the night.  There are the touchy feely types, the stalkers that won’t leave you alone for the night and then there are some that will not take no for an answer.   No always mean No.  There is a great article on swingers.org that actually sheds light on “Swinger Party/Club Etiquette Guidelines”.   I would suggest that newbies and even some veterans familiarize themselves with such customs.

There are a few rules to keep in mind.  If you are approached by someone and you’re not interested, a polite but firm “Thank you, but no thanks” should do the trick.  If the person still persists then a firm “No” should give him the idea.  Some women may use “Not right now” or “Maybe Later” when they don’t want to hurt the person’s feelings, and that person may take it literally and continue to bother you.  If you are being harassed to the point where you feel uncomfortable and the person just doesn’t want to leave you alone, bring it to the attention of security,  a staff member or the host of that event.  They can then take the proper steps to make sure you feel comfortable and are able to enjoy your time at their event.


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