Lights Camera Action

Swinger Stories: Lights Camera ActionIt all started a few years back when I approached my wife about making a home movie.  At first, she was not on board with the idea but eventually warmed up to it.  The idea became dormant for several years until recently when my wife brought it up again.  We both started discussing possible ideas for the script and which of our friends we would ask to participate.  It was kind of crazy as we thought about swinging couples that were in the lifestyle.   As we collaborated and worked on the script together in our spare time, we started to feel really good about the direction our movie was heading.  We didn’t want a spur of the moment film, but a well thought out one that we can watch at some of our swinger events.  I started to say to myself what guy do you know gets to write star and direct in his own fantasy.

One night my wife and I went out to our local swinger’s hangout to pitch the idea to some of our lifestyle friends.   Some were real thrilled with the idea, while others were concerned about something like that falling into the wrong hands.  The ones that decided to participate in our fantasy were invited over so we could discuss the film in detail.  The very next day, they all gathered at my house for drinks and to go over the script that my wife and I had prepared.  The four couples had rave reviews and loved the way it was done even down to the plot.  My wife and I selected which couples were going to play what parts and sent everyone home to study their lines.

Swinger Stories: Lights Camera ActionWe got together on weekends to practice our lines until we felt comfortable enough to start shooting.  It took the better part of four weeks to get all the scenes done.  We had some great shots with girl on girls and 2 guys to 1 girls etc. We even had some shots on the swing.  After countless hours on the weekend of editing and producing the video it was finally ready for its initial screening.   We invited the couples over to watch while we sip mojitos. They all loved the finished product and gave it rave reviews.  I must say it’s been a blast shooting directing and starring in my own movie.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  To those out there that’s never tried it don’t know knock it until you have tried it.