The Truth about Jealousy & Swinging

The Truth about Jealousy & Swinging

If you and your partner are considering becoming swingers, it is very important to first address the issue of jealously. Jealously is a common problem that affect many relationships and if it is not dealt with correctly, it can lead to more trouble. Being a swinger is all about being free with your sexuality and sharing sexual experiences with more than one partner. That is why, it is important to address the issues of jealously so everyone is on the same page.Swingers

If you are a jealous person or if you are the type who is sensitive when it comes to matters concerning sexuality, then swinging can easily ruin your relationship. The truth is that, the swinging lifestyle is not for everyone. Almost every person who is swinger and in a relationship feel jealous at some point. Sometimes it stems from one’s own insecurities, so discuss these with your partners so you are not placed in a swinging situation where your jealous streak will shine.

You may think that you have risen above jealously, but in reality you haven’t. You may not feel jealous when you first start until you actually witness the actual act happening, your spouse having sex with another person, the feeling might be different. This is true especially if you are still in early stages of swinging. You are therefore advised to take things slowly, especially if you are still in early stages to avoid the feel of jealousy from catching up with you.

The best way to deal with jealousy is by sitting down with your spouse and setting rules that should not be broken. For instance, if you and your partner really want to explore on sex but you are afraid that you may be The Truth about Jealousy & Swingingjealous at some point, you can agree with your partner that you will begin with soft swinging, where intercourse will strictly be between you and your spouse while other action can happen with others. As you progress you can upgrade to fully open swinging but you can still stick to soft swing if either of you are not comfortable or feel extremely jealous to upgrade to open swing.

Another key element of dealing with jealously is to talk about it. During early stages of swinging, you may not be jealous but as you progress, you may start being jealous when you see your spouse engaging in sexual act with other partners. Don’t hold it back, talk about it. You can only be success in swinging if you build trust and confidence in your relationship. Communication and honesty is very important when you are in swinging.


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