Closet Swingers or Closet Freaks

Swinger Stories - Closet Swingers or Closet Freaks My wife and I were looking for a way to characterize our swinger obsession and finally rested on closet swingers.  In order to understand what this means as it relates to us, I will start by telling you how we met and how we came to where we are today.  One night while hanging out with the Fellas at a club, I saw this beautiful girl, now my wife.  She was 5 feet 7 inches and wearing a little black dress that showed off her body.   I was mesmerized from that moment I laid eyes on her.  As I mustered up the courage to go over and talk to her, my heart began racing. This girl was perfect for me in every way.

I approached her and introduced myself as Dwayne and reached out my hand to shake hers, she responded “I’m Trina and please to meet you”.  Before we knew it, we were talking and dancing and drinking the night away.  Needless to say, we exchanged numbers and before we knew it, we were dating and talking about settling down.  It was as if it was love at first sight everything seemed to click right off the bat.

One day while at worked, I reached for my phone and sent her a quick text letting her know that I was thinking about her and she immediately texted back saying ditto along with a sexy half naked picture of herself.  Aroused by her pic, I quickly replied that I couldn’t wait to see later and was hoping we could explore her wild side.  She replied back saying she that she couldn’t wait and that she was looking forward to it.  That night we made love for the very first time.   For once in my life everything clicked and I was in the right place and the right relationship.

One day while at work, I gave her a call and asked if she would like to try something new and go to a strip club with me.   She paused and for that split second I thought to myself, what have I done, thinking that I just got myself in a whole lot of trouble.  I was rather relieved when she said yes, she would love to go.  We made plans for the weekend and visited one of our local strip joints.  Needless to say we had a blast.  This was the first of many, just doing something outside the norm. We sipped on our martini’s enjoyed lap dances together.  That night, we got so turned on, we f”cked like there was no tomorrow.   It was full of emotion and raw animal instincts.  We started to explore more with our sexuality and worked our way up to visit our local swinger clubs mostly just to watch. The first time we didn’t know what to expect.   It was interesting, exotic, educational and inspiring all at the same time. We visited the various theme rooms and watch on as guys and girls were having fun and letting it all hang out.   That night, we went home and did some role playing of our own.  We tried moves and techniques we saw and vowed to continue living the lifestyle.  We always try and go whenever we can mostly to watch, maybe spice things up and to keep things fresh.  Needless to say that we are now happily married with two kids both conceived after having great sex from visiting our local swinger hangout.  We have not as yet come full circle with the lifestyle but we are gradually working on getting there. I will keep you updated when we do decide to break out of the closet.