Passion Parties

I received an invite for a passion party from a friend of mine in the lifestyle.  I always receive invitations to sex toy parties like these, but have never really attended one.   She promised that it would be intriguing and could help replenish my fun box that I have at home.  A sex toy party I said, as I accepted and sent my RSVP.  A Swingers Only Party for Couples & Singles was what the invite read.  It also stated that no alcohol was being served, but you could BYOB.  I guess it’s more fun if couple’s attend the party together and that way, they can use the guys for demonstrations.  I had no idea what to expect, but I was going with an open mind.

Passion Parties - Edible Body PaintI arrived at her house and she had everything on display.  I could tell that she really thought this through. Everything was done tastefully and was well displayed.  There were different kinds of vibrators, dildos, lubes, games, anal toys, chains, whips even men toys and a whole lot more.  Some of them were new to me, and I had no idea what they were or how I go about using them, but I intended to find out.  At the beginning of the party, she handed everyone a pack of candy.  There were 10 candies of different flavors in the bag.  She went on to explain that we will be playing a game.  She will come up with 10 sexual things beginning with “I Have Never” and if you have never, done such a thing; you were to eat a candy.  The person with the most candies at the end won a game and got to pick a toy of their choice from the gift box.  This was a great ice breaker because while going through the 10 sexual things, everyone started laughing and talking, getting to know each other and that really got the party started.  As she move through each display there were live demonstrations and even tips on how you could use them with your partner.  She also took volunteers from the guests that were in the audience, so it kept everyone engaged.

Passion Parties - Rabbit VibratorI saw other ladies playing with the toys and having fun, so I figured that it was time for me to find a product that would peek my interest. I waited as she went through each one until I found the perfect one for me.  I liked the edible body paint game and thought that could be a creative way to get the juices flowing.  I also had my eye on the rabbit vibrator, which seem to be very popular with the ladies and included an added benefit from the regular vibrators, the clit stimulator.  I strongly recommend that every woman purchase a rabbit. They even had toys for men.  There were boxes full of erection enhancers, extensions, vibrators and tons of cockrings in all colors, shapes and sizes.  In the end, I ended up purchasing the adult paint game, the rabbit and a cock ring for my honey.  The whole experience was very interesting and I am thinking about going to a couple more before I host my own.