Why Monogamous Relationships Don’t Work and Why Swinging Relationships Work

swinging relationships

Wonder Why Monogamous Relationships Don’t Work and Why Swinging Relationships Work ? Trust is central to any relationship, or at least that is what many believe. A large portion of these people also believe that for trust to exist in any relationship, then partners need to be faithful to each other, and by extension, not have any intimate relationships with other people. The theory sounds good enough, yet in practice, this simply does not work. To prove this, you only need to look at the number of people who cheat on their partners, going to unbelievable lengths to hide their secret affairs from their spouses or those they claim to love. Clearly, monogamy is not working. So what can you do about the problem?

Is swinging the solution?

The alternative to having a monogamous relationship is practicing non- monogamy. A swinging relationship is one where both partners allow the other to have sexual relations with other people without being emotionally tied to them. Some might brand it daylight cheating, but wait till you hear the rationale behind it.

Trust & Honesty

swinging relationships Trust and honesty are essential for any relationship to work. It is better for people in any romantic relationship to be as open and honest about their sexual needs as possible in order to build the trust that glues relationships. That means that if one partner wishes to have sexual relations with other people besides their partner, they should come clean and ask it of their partner. After all, shouldn’t a relationship provide emotional and sexual satisfaction to the couple? A deficiency of either is a major cause of break ups, but that need not be the case. For couples that embrace non- monogamy, this might just be the solution they need for a lasting relationship.

The problem with monogamous relationships is that partners are forced to repress their feelings of attraction to other people, and that beats the whole point of honesty and openness in a relationship. This then leads to the partner who is hiding their true feelings cheating on the other, and the one who is cheated on ends up feeling betrayed. In such a case, if the one who had sexual relations with an outsider had just come clean, perhaps their partner would have been more understanding. It is better to discuss the issue beforehand than to be cheated on. The partner who gets cheated on might think that there is something wrong with them, when that is probably not true. For the avoidance of doubt, it would therefore be ideal that the issue is dealt with in an open and sensible manner.

Perhaps it is time people embraced the good that comes with swinging and stopped being so rigid in relationships. If it is for the greater good, why not adopt swinging relationships?