Achieve Relationship Freedom with Polyamory

When you’re looking for true relationship freedom along with your commitments, you are just like most practitioners of enlightened and relating sex. You pour creativity and energy into your relationship. You always strive for sacred merging in sex. You get more connected, trusting, safe, loving and intimate the more time you spend together. You experience relationship freedom of the sacred kind; sustainable, , loving life partnerships.

Polyamory coupleBut what about when it doesn’t work? What about when we experience dulling passion, boredom and frustration rather than relationship freedom? Where there is the intimacy, familiarity and love, of long-term and life partnership, the sexual spark often seems to dim, fade altogether. Polyamory is the option to solving this.
Poly” means many, “amory” means loving; it includes the ideas that love is not a limited commodity. It is possible and deeply fulfilling to love and be intimate with more than one (with the full consent of everyone involved), and that you can’t expect to get all your needs met from just one person. Just like it is possible to have multiple children, love them all and have them all be important so that it can be with polyamorous relationships. Polyamory doesn’t necessarily mean license for promiscuity, and “open” doesn’t always mean less committed.
It is recommended that we consider non-monogamy as a choice alternative to lying, hiding and cheating. I encourage ever more awareness of what turns you on and off, making real time for sex and erotic exploration. Explore your hind and midbrain’s instincts and feelings in consensual, intentional ways. Each encourages us to reveal to each other and ourselves the seemingly un-revealable.

polyamory mmfFor better and worse, with non-monogamy, there is no script, no default, no auto-pilot and no template; you have to make it up as you go along. Rules are co-created and morph and change as they get put to use. Thus, those practicing non-monogamy tend to hold those in their life to high standards and hold themselves to even higher ones. They often have amassed a wondrously rigorous skill-set of self-awareness, self-expression, “black-belt level” communication, honesty, integrity, transparency and a commitment to grow and learn; a skill-set that isn’t much different, however, than that needed to make monogamous relationships workable, fulfilling and extraordinary.

This culture promises a lot if we follow its rules, we will be happy and fulfilled. This land beyond polyamory, where the rules are made up dynamically by the people applying them, is a matter of self-expression, honesty, freedom, and ultimately, of choice.



PolyamoryDid you know there are benefits of polyamory? What is polyamory you ask? Polyamory is a sexual relationship where an individual is in a romantic relationship with more than one person. In the relationship, all parties know about each other and are comfortable engaging in the sexual activities. There are many benefits of being in a polyamory relationshp, one of which is the freedom to interact with more people in a sexual manner without any consequences. This can improve your sexual experiences which will contribute greatly to your sexual healthREAD MORE


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poly-datingPolyamory basically means the practice or desire of having more than one intimate relationship at a time. Unlike swingers, polyamory couples tend to me emotionally involved with multiple people at the same time. However, Polyamory happens with the consent of all partners involved and thus should not be confused with cheating. Polyamory dating seems to be much more accepted in most countries and around the world. Polyamory does not necessary include poly sexuality. One of the greatest benefit to a polyamory relationship is the ability to get maximum pleasure fromREAD MORE