Living A Hotwife Lifestyle – A Woman’s Perspective


Women of the swingers lifestyle has many options available for sexual adventures. They get to explore hotwifing, cuckoldress, or the ever popular girl on girl experience all with the approval of their partner.

The hotwife lifestyle can be extraordinarily amazing, as it allows us ladies the chance to experience pleasure that a vanilla relationship wouldn’t allow. In fact, hotwifing not only brings excitement to our sex life as a woman, but it can strengthen the bonds and thrills within your current partnership through trust and honesty.

A hotwife is defined as a happily married woman that enjoys sexual intercourse with other men and has the full support of her husband. In fact, it is the fastest growing trend in the swingers lifestyle.

Lifestyle women also enjoy being cuckqueans. A cuckold lifestyle is one where the husband (referred to as a cuckold) allows his hot wife to pick a well hung man to easily satisfy her sexually, unlike her husband. . The husband is generally monogamous with his wife and may or may not enjoy watching her with her cuckold Bull or a Swinger Bull.

Let’s pull the sheets off to explore the perks of being a hotwife.

The More Fun You Have, the More He Enjoys Having a Hotwife

Our minds may be thinking initially, “I’m doing this for his pleasure primarily, not mine”. And this is a common thought shared by many hotwives. Some men get really turned on by his wife/woman having sex with another man so he wants you to truly enjoy these encounters.

In fact, they actually love hearing about what the “other guy” (aka your Bull) did to you that pushed you over the edge and what made them “better” than their own performances. It’s this aspect of being a hotwife that makes our man so adamant and attentive about “reclaiming” us after these encounters.

Tips For Taking Charge of the Reclaim Effort

Ladies, since your cuckold man wants to hear a good, sexy story about your pleasure—give him one! One major aspect of being a top-notch hotwife is learning how to include your partner in this sexual experience. Choose certain aspects of the encounter that blew your mind, and tell your partner all about it in great detail.

Even if you have to embellish a bit, that’s okay, and this is the perfect time to do so. Talk about how good your Bull’s cock felt, how satisfying his oral skills are or how yummy his cum tasted. Saying these types of things is likely to ramp up the competitive nature in your man, which is sure to give him the drive to “reclaim” you more aggressively.

There Are Other Benefits to Hotwifing

In addition to increasing sexual satisfaction and challenging your lover’s ego, hotwifing benefits men in other ways. It has been scientifically proven that males who can reclaim their hotwife after play sessions see increases in testosterone levels and have more powerful and longer lasting erections. Essentially, the hotwife lifestyle is a win-win all around!


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