The Good Stuff About Open Relationships

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An open relationship is one where you are not tied down to a single person and are free to go out with other people. While it has not worked for many people, some have successfully enjoyed an open relationship.

If you have been mulling about entering into an open relationship, you probably have a bunch of questions in your head regarding it. While there is no secret to the perfect open relationship, there are a number of benefits of being in one.

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For instance, the biggest benefit is that you can be with other people. If you have been in a relationship in the past, you know how frustrating it can get at times when you have to forcibly rein in your desires even when a person, who is clearly interested in you, tries to approach you. You have to hold back your feelings as you do not wish to cheat on your partner and this requires tremendous self-control. However, an open relationship gives you the freedom to be with other people.

Another great benefit is that you do not miss out on incredible experiences when life goes crazy! What happens when you get drunk with two girls in a foreign country? Well, usually you get home to your partner but if you are in an open relationship, you can spend some exciting time. Be it, playing strip poker with someone who is older than you are or going skinny dipping, you get to enjoy all of the life’s experiences without ever feeling guilty.

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There is the added benefit of no boredom. Yes, in a monogamous relationship, boredom is a real issue. You may have experienced the lack of excitement and the missing spark that you once shared after you have been in a relationship for several months or years. It is human nature to get bored of your partner. However, in open relationships, there is no boredom. You are free to experiment and theoretically there is nothing you cannot do!

Another reason why open relationships are good is because it is a casual affair. For so many of us who have commitment issues and just cannot handle the pressures and responsibilities that come along with it, open relationships are the answer. It is meant to be casual so you have few, if any, obligations and rarely any pressure of any sort to conform to your partner’s choices. In fact, it can be a great thing if your partner subtly competes with other people in your life to give the best he or she has got. This can be a game changer in relationships.



Open marriage is a phrase whose roots rest somewhat complicated. It was first used as early as the 1960s. However, it is mostly accepted that it had come into effect in 1972, when Nena O’Neill and George O’Neill first wrote their book “Open Marriage.” Overall the book advocated a liberalization of marriage, using getting the spouses in marriage more room for individual growth. The book initially wasn’t conceived with the idea of upholding infidelity, though in one of its chapters it dealt with the concept that an open marriage could include READ MORE


Many individuals are considering the option of having an open relationship. These relationships have existed since the beginning of time, and as we move forward as a more open society, more people are finding that this is a great option for them and their mate. Open relationships are not for everyone, but many people find them completely fulfilling. More on Open Relationships Wondering if an open relationship is for you? You may have heard a friend talking about how well it is working out for them, and you have started READ MORE


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