Learn What “Hotwifing” Entails!


hot wife‘Hotwifing’ has different meanings to many people. If you have not heard about it, then this article is a must read for you. This is a term that is becoming quite popular in today’s world. Many people are not quite familiar with what the terms ‘Hotwife’ and ‘Hotwifing’ mean. Nevertheless, they understand the words “Hot” and ‘wife’ very well. In this case “Hot” will refer to someone that is considered attractive. As the saying goes “ Hot to trot”…. “Hotwife”, “Hotwifing” all have secondary meanings. “Wifing” is derived from two words. “Wife” and “Sharing” resulting in words such as “Hotwifing’ or even “Hotwifesharing”. These are not terms that you may necessarily find in the dictionary but have their meanings in today’s society.

The logic behind “Hotwifing” is revolves around the desire to share the hotness of a wife. In most instances, this desire will be expressed by husbands but not in all circumstances. As many women recognize themselves as “Hotwives’, they have expressed an interest in other men that are not necessarily their husbands. At first this seemed an impossible situation for the women, but once this desire is realized by either party in the marriage then “Hotwifing” is deemed to be in its first stage.

The first stage sparks the interest to harbor or pursue the fantasy. The second level takes place when the husband in a marriage relationship begins to pursue “Hotwifing”. This takes place through communication of the desire to their spouses or providing hints of the same. The third level takes place when both parties are aware to some extent of the desire for “Hotwifing” and accept it even if it is at the fantasy level. Examples would include talking about flirting with or even kissing someone else that is not their spouse. The final stage takes place when the wife shares some level of intimacy with another man that is not her husband.

This could be making out with him, going on a date with him or even sleeping with him. At this stage the husband accepts and approves of it and is even present or nearby when this is taking place. Nevertheless, things can vary with “Hotwifing”. It is important that you take things slow and also proceed with caution. Going through the various stages listed above can be fun but there needs to be constant communication between the couple that has decided to embark on “Hotwifing”. It has benefited a number of marriages by bringing in a new spark of intimacy that had been lost. It is a practice that is becoming quite pronounced especially among the youthful generation.



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