8 Reasons To Watch Your Wife With Other Men


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Did you know that It Can Be Exciting and Healthy To Watch Your Wife Having Sex with another Man?Are you aware that many men secretly wish to watch their wives having sex with other men? Are you also aware that these are natural feeling? There is absolutely nothing wrong with this concept that is popularly known as wife sharing. Actually, it can be very healthy for marital relationships.

Why the practice of wife sharing is gaining popularity

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A recent scientific study established that 90% of men have enjoyed watching porn in the past, and many of them still enjoy. Since they were (and some of them are still) used to such voyeuristic processes in their sexuality, they may want to incorporate the culture into their marital sex lives.

Many men believe that their wives are the most beautiful women on earth, and they’d prefer to watch them having sex with other men rather than watching pornographic films acted by unknown characters.


Some men engage in wife sharing simply because they are masochists. Watching their wives having sexual intercourse with other men who are physically stronger and better endowed makes them feel weak and humiliated, which is exactly how they want to feel.

Such marital unions are usually characterized by the domination, degradation and belittling of husbands by wives who are often wealthier than they (husbands) are.

Sperm competition

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When a man watches his wife having sex with another man, he will be biologically prompted to engage in longer and more vigorous sexual intercourse, discharge ejaculate that contains more sperm, have a refractory period that lasts for a shorter period (after every session) and even ejaculate harder.

Fulfillment of the enormous female sexual desire

Medical experts assert that the sexual desire of women significantly exceeds that of men. Men can only have a few orgasms within a 24-hour period, whereas women can have as many as 60 orgasms within the same period of time.

For this reason, men should seriously consider embracing the practice of wife sharing so as to fulfill their wives’ enormous sexual desires, which they can’t possibly fulfill without the help of others.

Excitement of engaging in an unacceptable practice

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In most societies, a man would be stigmatized if people discover that he’s married to an unfaithful wife. Historically, such a man would be severely beaten, ridiculed, ostracized and assumed to be weak.

Today, a man can be excited at the prospect of his wife engaging in a practice that is expressly prohibited. Wife sharing is one of the most exhilarating activities that you can engage in.

Physical health concerns

Some husbands lack the ability to make love to their wives because of medical reasons such as paralysis and erectile dysfunction, among others. Although they have the option of effectively using their tongues and fingers, some of just opt to engage in wife sharing with the main objective of sexually satisfying their wives using actual penises (or dicks, if you like).

Female emancipation

You will be surprised at the huge number of men who are embracing the practice of wife sharing. By allowing and actually watching their wives having sex with other men, they consciously and actively reject traditional societal pressures to stifle female sexuality as well as assert patriarchal power and monogamy.


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According to a reliable scientific study that was recently conducted, bisexuality among men plays a significant role in most of the husbands’ yearnings to watch their wives having sex with other men. Some husbands cunningly invite other men to their marital beds and then take advantage of such opportunities to have sex with them as well.


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