How to Achieve a Full Body Orgasm

How to achieve a full body orgasm

Swingers Website Unlike traditional sex where the main goal is to achieve orgasm from the genitals, a full body orgasm is a feeling of orgasm from the top of your head then down to the toes. It is an electrifying feeling that takes over your whole body.

To achieve a full body orgasm, one must rediscover your body and that of your partner. This will allow you the chance to learn the things to do to move an orgasm from the genitals to all the other parts of your body. In fact, the best place to focus your sexual energy, is to the head. When sexual energy is in the head, it can easily be distributed to all the other parts of your body.

Full body orgasm is possible for both men and women. Here are things that you can do to get a full body orgasm.

  1. Be relaxed

If you are tensed during sex, you will not be able to keep all your pleasure senses open. Tension shuts down the pleasure senses. The body is full of survival hormones that make you aggressive and paranoid. When you tense up, your brain Full Body Orgasmsends danger signals to the nerves which in turn causes the body to race towards ejaculation so that you can deal with the incoming danger. Do not speed yourself towards the finish line.

  1. Think about your whole body

Don’t focus on the pleasure you are feeling below your belt. Instead, think about your body as a whole. Imagine that all the sexual energy is flowing from your genitals to your spine, up your arms and down to your legs. Once you open your body and allow the sexual energy to flow all over, you will be just a few steps from getting a full body orgasm.

  1. Scream and shout as much as you can

Don’t hold back the sounds that you fell like making. Scream, shout, sigh, moan or grunt. Holding back the sounds will keep you from concentrating on what you are feeling. This will also make your partner feel that he/she is being appreciated. However, your partner should not be the reason for your scream, sigh or grunt, it should be from the pleasure you are experiencing.

  1. Don’t hold your breath

Most people hold their breath when they are just about to climax. However, if you want to feel pleasure all over your body, you have to inhale and exhale fully. Although this may seem hard at first, it is something that you can do if you practice. You can practice breathing fully while on the brink of climax while you masturbate.

  1. Don’t think about porn

You will not be able to concentrate on the moment if you distract yourself with mental porn. If you are constantly thinking about porn, you are actually distracting your attention. Focus on the actual sensation. Enjoy what you have in front of you. You will get more sensation when you focus on your partner. Remember, porn does not feel like real sex. Real sex is by far much better.

  1. Don’t think about your member for a while

If you are a man and you want to get a full body orgasm, you have to avoid thinking about your member when you are having sex. If you keep your focus on it, you will climax too fast. Let your body take you there in a series of steps. Each step will take you to a better place. Don’t opt to peak early so you can have round two. It will not feel as good as it could have felt if you took longer the first around.

Sex can be a truly amazing experience if you always get a full body orgasm. Sync up with your partner and don’t think about anything else. Keep your senses open as you pulse together. Don’t be in a hurry to reach climax, enjoy every moment. When you finally achieve a full body orgasm, your whole body will tremble.


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