Wife Sharing – Not Just a Vegas Thing

Wife Sharing - Not Just a Vegas Thing Many couples like to head out to Las Vegas to engage in wife sharing activities. As the saying goes, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. While it’s true that wife sharing or swinging is popular in Las Vegas, it has become something that is very popular in other parts of the country. Swinging has become more widespread as it becomes more acceptable over the years. More places are offering wife sharing activities because of its acceptance while stereotypes are broken down.

Wife sharing is also a common thing among swingers in that people who are in good committed relationships will switch partners for a brief period of time. It is a recreational activity that is very popular among all sorts of married couples because it makes for a bit of variety in life.

A Progressive Rise

Wife sharing increased in popularity in the 1960s and 1970s as people started to take an interest in breaking sexual boundaries and spreading their love to more people. However, it had often been associated with fringe aspects of society.

For starters, people flocked to Las Vegas to engage in wife sharing as the city is home to a large variety of swinger clubs. These include clubs like the Red Rooster, the Light, the Green Door and the Bank.

While these places have become popular over the years, other cities have begun to adopt their own wife sharing clubs. Miami has the Miami Velvet while Chicago has the Private Encounters a bisexual wife sharing club. The Tabu Lifestyle Club in Baltimore is also a popular place to spot. It’s clear that wife sharing has become more commonplace in areas outside Las Vegas.

Wife Sharing

The use of condoms is still strongly encouraged while people are asked to be open with one another. Many wife sharing clubs and events give out condoms and other things while encouraging safe activities while swapping. They do this to protect people and to show how responsible they truly are.

Discovering New Things

When people engage in wife sharing activities, they sometimes discover new things about themselves and their sexuality. In addition, they also learn new things such as new sexual positions, favors as well as how to interact with each other some of which they can use with their normal partners. This could influence the overall relationship that a couple usually has but in a good way.

Happier Lifestyles

Many people around the country are engaging in wife sharing because it simply makes them happy. They feel that they enjoy a better standard of life if it consist of variety.

A 2000 study from The Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality found that nearly two-thirds of swingers are happy in their relationships. In fact, the study also found that their relationships with their normal partners are better because they know that they aren’t likely to cheat on each other. The wife sharing activities that they get into are appropriately regulated with each other’s permission, thus making Wife Sharing - Not Just a Vegas Thing this much better from an ethical perspective than cheating.

National Support is Open

Today’s population can find wife sharing events all around the country. NASCA International particularly helps people around the country find different swinger and wife sharing activities including parties, cruises and other vacation events. These events cater to people who want to have a little more fun in their lives.

People can even embark on swinger cruises around the world and take part in wife sharing activities. Some travel agents specialize in swinger cruises where people can engage in wife swapping on the high seas. This often entails people engaging in wife swapping activities en route to Grand Cayman, the Bahamas and other common places that cruises can go to.

Wife sharing is certain an activity that’s very popular within the United States. It’s no longer something that’s taboo these days. It’s an activity that is available in a large variety of places and is more accepted in terms of how people see this activity.



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