Top 5 Anal Foreplay Tips


anal sex foreplay

Sexual pleasure is very important to both partners. It not only help to strengthen the relationship but it also strengthen the bond between the partners. To many people, anal foreplay is essential just as the act of sex for experiencing pleasure. Foreplay is actually the simulation that take place before the actual penetration and in a way it helps to prepare the mind and the body for sexual stimulation and orgasm. When done in the right way anal foreplay can really leave both of you craving for more by giving you immense sexual pleasure. In this article, we are going to give you top 5 anal foreplay tips to help you have an amazing experience.

  1. Use lubrication.

In order to have an amazing foreplay, you need to use a lubricant to make you feel comfortable. This is due to the fact that the anus cannot produce its own lubricant like the vagina. If you want to make the whole experience to be enjoyable, then you must ensure that you are comfortable and that can only happen if you use a credible lubricant.

  1. Concentrate on the shallow sides.

The person doing the anal foreplay should only concentrate on the shallow side of the anus. This is because the nerve ending that you will be trying to stimulate are usually just on top of the anus and hence your partner should always concentrate on the shallow side if he want to make it fun and enjoyable.

  1. Spice it up.

Some additional stimulation will spice up the whole experience thus making you to have an immense orgasm. While some women need only butt foreplay, most women are actually not able to climax from anal stimulation alone. By stimulating her clitoris and nipples, you can actually add more spice to the experience thus enabling her to have intense orgasm.

  1. Communicate with your partner.

To have an amazing foreplay experience, it is very important to communicate constantly with your partner. Before you start doing anal foreplay, take some time and talk to your partner about it. Tell him what you want, how you want it done and also what your fears are. When on the act, communicate with your partner about how it feels. If it feels good, let him know and if it hurts, also let him know. If you want him so be slower or quicker, don’t hesitate to tell. After the whole anal foreplay experience, talk to each other about the whole experience and how it felt. Let him know if you enjoyed or not. By constant communication, you will get to know what she wants you to do and that will improve the foreplay experience.

  1. Be safe.

First, the anus need to be cleaned up well before and after anal foreplay. By cleaning up, you will not only, safeguard your own health but also the health of your partner. If you normally use your finger to do anal foreplay, you need to ensure that the anal is clean. In addition, make sure that you actually don’t use the same butt finger on the vagina afterwards because it may cause infection and many other serious complications.





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