Benefits of an Open Relationship

Benefits of an Open RelationshipAn open relationship is a relationship where you can have sex with whoever you want without any restrictions from your partner. Talk it over with your partner before starting such a relationship. This will avoid any hard feelings that may come up. You may be that kind of a guy who will like to date many women, be open about it from the start so it doesn’t cause a problem down the line. In such a case, the best type of relationship for you to engage in is an open relationship because it will give u the freedom date whoever you like. This type of relationship also offers you the freedom to engage in different types of romance with different girls which will satisfy your sexual desires. Here are some benefits of open relationship that you should consider:

You will overcome cases of jealousy in a relationship

In case you have not stated clearly that it is an open relationship, your lover will always feel jealousy if you try to be with other women intimately. If you neglect to discuss the type of relationship you want with your partner, it will cause problems later in the relationship. Jealousy in a relationship can sometimes lead to murder or suicide hence being truthful with your partner will rid the relationship of any jealousy issues that may arise. This type of relationship is not for everyone, but all parties involved can benefit greatly from it. After you and your partner decide to get involved in this type of relationship, everything will be sorted because your partner will be fully aware that you are free to interact with whoever you desire.

Benefits of an Open RelationshipYou will enjoy more sex

There are sometimes instances where you may admire a certain girl but is unable to act on those feelings because of the type of relationship you have with your partner. In an open relationship, you will be able to interact with different girls and experience a variety of sexual partners. In case you are a man who craves sexual variety, this type of relationship will expose you to different girls hence satisfying your desires.

You will be more satisfied in the relationship

There are some qualities you may like your partner to have but they aren’t in your lover. You may also be scared to share these qualities out of fear of endangering your relationship. You may like some aspects in your lover but those aspects that you will miss you can easily get them in other people for you to enjoy life. In engaging in an open type of relationship, you will interact with different people out of whom can easily satisfy your desires. This type of relationship will allow you to avoid being in a relationship in which your forcing yourself to stay.


How to Set Up a Threesome FFM or MMF

The sexually free are always a part of every community or society and swingers can be classified in that category. Swingers are just individuals like you and me; they can be the neighbor next door, colleagues at work, the pizza man, the couple that runs that store in your neighborhood and just about anyone.

Before the internet became an integral part of life, swingers were strictly a secret society of like-minded people who met through dating and adult magazines. Because of the limited mediums through which they met, it was difficult to tell the population of swingers back then, but with the popularity of internet use all that changed. Now it’s possible to meet swingers from any part of the world and arrange a meeting. The swinging community has risen tremendously thanks to the convenience of the internet. There are many swinger sites that have made this possible, one such site is


Setting up a Threesome

Have you ever dreamed of having a threesome? It’s possible to find a third for your MMF or FFM threesome using All you need to do is create a FREE account with the site to start finding your third. Complete a simple form that gives other swingers an idea of who you are and what you’re looking for to find the perfect match for you and your partner. Whether you’re looking for a single female or a single male to play with, I’m sure you can find him/her on

Meet the Swingers

Once your account has been created, you become an online member of the swing lifestyle and can now log in to meet with other swingers. You can view profile information, pictures, IM or video chat with other swingers online. There is also a swinger’s chat room where you can freely interact with other swingers and join the many swinger groups available.

As you interact with other swingers, you will find out who is interested in participating and fulfilling your dream of a threesome FFM or MMF. You will no doubt meet many interested parties who will gladly give you a date. You can select the persons that perfectly meet your requirements and set up a “Hot Date” to meet and get to know each other. It is that easy. You can meet interested parties located within your area or far away if you want as much privacy as possible.

Have fun

After setting up your “Hot Date”, then relax and get ready to have some fun. Remember the swinger lifestyle is supposed to be fun. Never do anything to anyone that you wouldn’t love done to you without their consent. Please remember “No always means No”.

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Benefits of a Dominant Sexual Relationship

Benefits of a Dominant Sexual Relationship A dominant sexual relationship is where one partner has control over the other. The dominant has control over the submissive at all times. There are individuals who are in a sexual relationship and will never want to be controlled by their partner. This type of relationship normally favors such individuals and they are the ones to decide on everything that is to be done. They give orders that their partner must obey or face consequences of which are outlined at the beginning of such a relationship. There are very many benefits to this type of relationship. Here are some of the key benefits of such type of sexual relationships:

1. Deciding On When To Have Sex Is Much Easier

When you are the dominant in a sexual relationship, you are the one to make decisions. Your partner will have no option but to fulfill to your needs. Unlike a relationship where both partners have equal powers, when one does not want to have sex, it is hard for the partner who is in the mood to convince the other partner. Therefore for this type of relationship, the convincing of the other partner is much easier and you can have sex any time you want.

Benefits of a Dominant Sexual Relationship 2. It Is a Sign of Respect on the Dominant Partner

It is a sign of respect given by the submissive for the dominant to be given a chance to have control over the other partner. This is unlike the case where the decisions have to be made by both partners. For instance, the dominant is the one who makes all the decisions where to have sex and the styles. This submissive shows respect by doing all he/she is told by the dominant partner.

3. It Is a Sign of Trust 

For one to be given a chance to be the dominant, he/she must be trusted. No one that allows you to take control of everything does so without trusting you first. For instance, if one partner tells the other partner to do something, right or wrong, the submissive will do it because of the trust given to the dominant. He/she knows the dominant would never place him in harm’s way or let harm come to her. There is great trust given to a dominant in a dominant sexual relationship and he/she must make sure not to abuse the respect and trust given by their submissive.



Couples Dating

Couples Dating There is no better way of putting the spice back into your relationship than to experiment with couples dating otherwise known as the swinging lifestyle. It’s something that more and more people are looking into and it’s a great way to meet new people and strengthen a relationship while fulfilling sexual desires. Being able to act out naughty fantasies means that couple are less likely to “cheat” on one another because they are given permission to engage in the activity.

To avoid any jealousy from taking over, some couples set boundaries. The boundaries are there to keep their emotional bond between them in place. For example, some couples has a “no kissing on the lips” rule that is adhere to by both partners. Some might think that “sharing” their partner with somebody else would have detrimental effects, but many couples find it actually makes them more open with each another.

Couples DatingIf you are a couple and interested in dating other couples visit SwingLifeStyle, the swingers dating site to connect with other like-minded people like you. You can sign up for FREE as a couple. Joining a couples dating website allows you to connect with others, set a date for a casual encounter and get the opportunity to search for people who live near you. You also have the chance to browse through members pictures which is a great way to really see who catches your eye.

Sex is erotic, pleasurable and keeps us feeling happy – this is what swinging can offer. We weren’t made to have sex with one person for the rest of our lives and we shouldn’t feel that restraint. You can be in love with one person but have sex with many. Exploring your sexual side with both men and women will make you feel alive and much more together in everyday life.

If you want to be a third in somebody else’s relationship, then sign up for Swingers Dating now and have a browse. What are you waiting for? Life is about doing things that you’re scared to day, to do things that both scare and excite you. Swinging can open a whole new world and make your sex life flourish.

How to Set the Mood for Valentine’s Day

Are you planning on getting together with your sweetie on Valentine’s Day? Whatever your plans are, there are a few things you can do to set the mood and make it memorable. Don’t have the money for a romantic getaway? You can still go all out. Below are 4 ways to help set the mood and pamper your Valentine.

How to Set the Mood for Valentine’s Day 1. Focus on Flowers

Flowers are very important when it comes to setting the mood for Valentine’s Day. When choosing a flower, make sure you consider the scent and the color of the flower. Choose a flower that will impress both you and your partner. Besides roses, flowers such as irises, lilies, orchids and tulips also provide a sexy, feminine and inviting ambiance. You can also focus on individual blooms. For a streamlined modern look, create a low, tight, single-color cluster in a cylindrical vase or in a simple square. Place small bowls with floating candles among a sea of flower petals to add a dramatic touch.

2. Choose the Right Colors

To create the perfect moods for the big day, make sure you select the right colors. The right color(s) will be one that both you and your partner like. Most people prefer red but you can also choose any other color that you feel most comfortable with. You don’t necessarily need to paint your walls or start form the scratch. Adding some throw blankets and deep colored pillows is enough to set the mood in any room. Long plush velvet drapes weather acting as room divider or covering windows can also add a sensuous and soft presence.

How to Set the Mood for Valentine’s Day3. Add Music

If you are having a romantic dinner at home or anywhere else, music can help to set the mood that you want. A playlist consisting of romantic tunes is perfect for a Valentines night. Be very careful not to overpower the environment with loud music. The music playing in the background should be sensual and soft, but not loud enough to actually filter the room. Design a mix that will blend well with your surroundings.

4. Prepare the Tableware

The more effort you actually put into making the evening special, the more romantic it will be. No matter what’s on the menu or on the table, even if its soda and Chinese takeout, make sure that you take your time to set the table and make it romantic.

Turn the TV off, turn the music down low, light some candle and enjoy each other company. That is the most romantic thing you can do on Valentine’s Day.


How to Utilize BDSM Activities This Valentines

BDSM Valentines Day

BDSM activities are on the rise as people become familiar with what it all means. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and utilizing some of these activities could make for an interesting Valentine night.  First, it’s important to understand what BDSM really means. Though it has numerous meanings, it is generally taken to mean Bondage and Dominance with Submission and Sado-Masochism. Activities involved may range from intense pain to mid bondage. It works on several fronts, but this article will explain how to approach dominance and submission.

In the dominance and submission part of BDSM, the dominant person dictates or controls what his/her partner does. This may range from the types of dresses to wear to bedroom activities. There are a lot of relationships out there that operates on such basis. Take a look at your relationship, are you the dominant one? This may happen in so many ways that most people fail to recognize it. This does not mean that you abuse your partner. It aims at creatively coming up with erotic activities to wow your partner in and out of the bedroom.

If this seems new to you, don’t worry. There are several steps you can easily follow to kick start your erotic romance this valentine.

How to Utilize BDSM Activities This Valentines Visualize your fantasies

Try to define an erotic imagination that can be easily achieved. This will work to fuel your desires. Understand the limitations, but let your desires get wild as you try to bring out the new arousal experience.

Be clear on the kind of erotic energy

Simply identify the activities that will get your partner up and submitting. For instance, you can settle on erotic spankings or dominating the sexual sessions with dirty talk. It is only after you define what you want that you will be able to settle suitably in your roles.

Share the idea with your partner

Before you go out on a date this valentine, discuss your desires with your partner and inquire on their willingness to participate in what you desire. Make the conversation be about what you will be doing and gage the receptiveness to those ideas.

Select one activity at a time

If you’re an amateur, avoid combining too many experiences at one time. It is a common mistake most BDSM beginners make. If you decide to spank your partner, then don’t do at the same time forcing your partner to eat some fruits.

Be patient and go slowly

It is advisable to go slowly as you try to intensify the sensation. This will ensure that you don’t hurt your partner or each other in the process. For instance, caress slowly before embarking on gentle spanking. This helps build trust thus making it easier for future BDSM activities.

Finally, it is important to always bring that new thing which can easily reignite romance in your relationship. If you have been figuring out some activity for a while, this Valentine’s Day offers you a chance to explore your desires. If you don’t know, check out for our next article for some examples of the activities you can utilize.

Have a romantic Valentine’s Day in advance.

Couples First Time Swinging

Couples First Time Swinging Many people go through life unhappy and depressed even after they marry the love of their life. They get stuck in a boring routine that leaves them wanting…Why should you go through the same thing? A relationship does not have to be boring and sad. Rather, it can be fun and exciting, but you will never know until you try out new things. A good example of how you can make life interesting is by getting into the swinging lifestyle. Yes, a swinging lifestyle can make your life pleasurable, exciting and worthwhile. It sounds taboo right? Well, forbidden fruits taste the sweetest.

Here is what you can expect as couples first time swinging.

- Explore & Learn New Things

A couples first time swinging will teach them neat new tricks to make sex more enjoyable, in addition to meeting new people. You and your partner stand to benefit from learning new things example, you can learn about new positions, new toys and even new ways of seducing your partner. Many people think that they are the best when it comes to having sex, until they meet other pros in the game of pleasure. Do not enclose yourself in a cocoon thinking that you know it all.

- Explore Your Curiosities

Couples First Time Swinging Many people fail to explore their curiosity. If there are things you want to experience sexually, speak to your partner about it. You may be surprised at the response. Why should you go through life without exploring your curiosity? For example, some women have wondered how it would feel to kiss another woman or experience two partners at the same time. Some dudes will never admit to wanting to watch their wife or girlfriend with someone else. Life is too short and yet there are so many things to learn and so much pleasure to seek. Do not limit your own curiosity. Let it run wild. Let it run free.

- Be Free About Who You Are and What You Want

Freedom is the ultimate prize in life. You cannot hide your sexual fantasies and desires for too long. Your sensual side needs to break free to explore your curiosities. Do not fool yourself. Many couples seek pleasures outside their marriage without telling their partners. This is both sad and unfortunate. You should not betray your partner’s trust especially when both of you want the same thing. Take pleasure in having sex with other people without having to lie to your partner. In other words, you do not have to cheat when you can get into the swinging lifestyle.

As you can now tell, couples first time swinging can be awesome fun. Go on. Try it out. You will not regret it. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. In fact, your will cherish every moment of it. A swinging lifestyle is the lifestyle for adventurous couples.


How to Masturbate

Masturbation is a basic part of healthy sexual functioning. Some people have myths when it comes to masturbation. However, all of them are mere myths and if you’d think logically, it’s nothing more than exploring ones sexuality. If you are wondering exactly how to masturbate, then this guide will help you take the right steps for attainment of utmost sexual pleasure.

For Men

When we talk about masturbation for men, the hand is certainly the most useful tool and they tend use it a lot. Hands are used to rub the penis and other parts of the genital area. However, if experimenting, you might also try rubbing against bed sheet, using toys such How to Masturbate – An Exclusive Guide for Both Men And Women as life-size synthetic sex dolls, or other special devices to stimulate the senses.

Men like lubricants and will apply lubricant all over their penis, or on the device they are using to attain maximum pleasure. Some men choose to lay down straight while masturbating, but others enjoy the standing position and the shower seems to be the place that sees the most action.

Overall, there are many techniques that can arouse sexual desires in men. Most men, especially the younger group, prefer watching porn while masturbating. If you find yourself in the mood and yet to reach the desired level of excitement, it is always a good idea to run your wild imagination for a pleasurable outcome.

For Women

Masturbation for women has varied versions. While female masturbation is by clitoral stimulation and there are countless ways to achieve satisfaction. Certainly hands, primarily the fingers are what women use to masturbate, but many women prefer to indulge in sex toys.

Vibrators tops the chart in the category of women sex toys. It is available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. The intensity of vibrators can be controlled as per individual’s personal needs. In most cases vibrators often become a habit as it provides unsurpassed amount of pleasure, which is impossible for an average man to deliver.

How to Masturbate – An Exclusive Guide for Both Men And WomenIf you want to feel a penis inside your vagina, a dildo can help you fulfill that desire. . A dildo is a penis-shaped object, made with silicone rubber which can be inserted inside the vagina for maximum stimulation. The market is flooded with a huge variety of dildos, all made with synthetic material. It aims at delivering the feelings that you would get from a real penis.

Flowing water is another medium to satisfy your urge of being sexually aroused. Many women like to masturbate by running water in the full stream. Lie down in the tub, run the water and let it flow directly on your vagina. The temperature, flow of water and other factors play an important role in determining the intensity of your satisfaction. Using water jets is the best way to attain maximum pleasure. If you have a Jacuzzi at home, fill it up with hot water and use water jets to arouse the stimulation.

These were some of the most common ways that you can use to masturbate. These tips will definitely help you attain maximum sexual pleasure, even when your partner is not around or if you are yet to explore your sexual fantasies.

Georgia – The Sexiest Place for Swingers

poly-swingingCall it wife-sharing, call it crazy, but it doesn’t matter what you call it, there is no doubt this alternative way of living is on the upswing. Swapping partners is all about fantasies. Georgia is a ‘hotbed’ for swinger parties and swinger clubs in the Southeast. Georgia’s population is young and it is often from other areas. Its strip clubs and sex parties are famous, and Georgia is a favorite spot for bachelor parties too. In Georgia, there are swinger clubs where you can meet other adults and young couples that share your interests, tastes and are ready to share on a sexual level. In fact, swinging teaches you many things – by looking at people have sex, you see what they actually do. This influences you to become creative and explore your romantic relationship.

Basically, swinging is a way of recreation and fun among consenting adults, most often consisting of male-female partners meeting other male-female partners for sex and/or on-going romantic relationships. In the context of swinging, ‘couples’ needn’t be married. A Swinger Lifestyle CruiseHowever, they should have at least a bit of history and understanding of each other’s emotional desires, and be comfortable and smooth approaching other people as a ‘couple’. Swinging with Georgia swingers can be a chance to learn how to relax and enjoy lovemaking, and may help one to explore swinger sex and appreciate it for being a great source of satisfaction and intimacy and less as being a bargaining chip.

The general principle is that swinging with Georgia Swingers works best when partners view swapping as a great enhancement to their present lovemaking relationship, instead of as a substitute for a faltering one. Swinging partners also discover that sex with other Georgia Swingers can be fun and arousing. They generally find that this style of living is an excellent opportunity for strengthening their sex lives and relationship.

Have you ever thought of 2 women? Someone to watch you? Is watching a turn-on? If you’re able to think of it, you will definitely find it in this swinger life-style. It is about enjoying yourself yet still opening to get somebody else in to your enjoyment. Sharing sex and experiences create a strong relationship. Sharing, that is what swinging is all about ultimately. If you want to know more about the upcoming swinger parties in Georgia, don’t forget to look at

Top Health Benefits of an Orgasm

Everyone loves a good orgasm. Most people strive to have orgasms as often as possible. There are many great benefits to them, other than how they make us feel. When the human body reaches climax, the body goes through a number of responses, some of which have extreme health benefits that no one really talks about.

Below are some of the top health benefits associated with the big “O”, and why having an active and healthy sex life can be advantageous, not just from a pleasure standpoint, but also from a health standpoint.
Top Health Benefits Of An OrgasmGood for your Heart
Orgasms have been known to promote heart health. Ever heard the expression “get the heart pumping?” In the same way exercise or certain cardiovascular activities are known to help strengthen and protect your heart, orgasms have the same effect. They help by reducing and minimizing stress, which is also bad for your heart. The spikes in the hormone called oxytocin, that climaxing releases, helps to reduce stress and more positive emotions replace them. Studies have also shown that orgasms lower blood pressure, and we all know that high blood pressure is linked to heart disease and heart attacks.
Helps You Sleep
When I orgasm I pass out. An orgasms helps the brain and body relax enough so you can fall into a deep and restful sleep. Along with the sometimes vigorous activities that acquiring an orgasm will take, physical exhaustion is not surprising. However the endorphins that are released through climax often have the effects similar to sedatives. Vasopressin, a chemical that is released during sex, is also known as a sleep chemical. It’s no coincidence that many people experience a great night’s sleep after having some really fantastic sex.
Top Health Benefits Of An Orgasm Pain Relief
This benefit seems a bit out there, but it’s actually incredibly true. Orgasms can be a great source of pain relief and pain management. Studies show that women who experience more orgasms, have both a higher tolerance for pain and also experience less pain, which means that experiencing orgasms may suppress pain in the long run. For women who experience painful menstrual cycles, orgasms have been shown to be a great method of pain relief.
Boosts Your Immune System
The immune system is in charge of when you get sick and how sick you get. Regular sex can boost your immune system tremendously. So this means that you may be less likely to get the common cold, or be better able to ward of the germs and viruses that go around your office. Experiencing regular orgasms can keep you healthier than those pesky packets of vitamin C can, after you feel yourself coming down with something.

Get and stay healthy by having an active sex lives and lots of orgasms.