Senior Swingers – What They’re Looking For From the Lifestyle

senior swingers

There are many reasons people get into the swingers lifestyle and the aging population seems to participate a bit more than their younger counterparts. They tend to practice open communication and are comfortable with who they are individually so they turn to the lifestyle to add some spice back into their relationship.

Let’s explore some of the things mature swinger couples hope to gain from being a part of this unique community.

Keeping Things Fresh & Spicy in the Bedroom

Most seniors have had their fair share of sex during their lifetime and don’t want to give it up due to getting older. Some couples have been together for decades. Others may be more involved in newer partnerships due to passing spouses or having a stale relationship. Senior swingers strive to keep the action going in the bedroom by partner sharing or through voyeurism. Whether you participate in the act itself or just get ideas to take home by watching others, swinging can help maintain the excitement with your partner.

Staying Sexually Active

As the saying goes, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” Research shows that people who have an active sex life stay virile longer and have fewer issues with erectile dysfunction. The addition of one or more people who are also in the swinging lifestyle can be a real turn on that encourages couples to stay sexually active—even when they are alone.

Having New Experiences

Mature swinger couples will typically be exposed to new concepts in sexuality as they meet and hook up with others in the swinging community. While some seniors have had a varied sex life, some have had routine and somewhat mundane sex in the same positions or at a set day or time during their lives. Meeting like-minded people can introduce one to new ideas to share with their partner, or they can opt to experience thrills with someone new.

Enjoying A Variety of Partner Choices

There are swingers of all ages, body shapes and weights out there as possible playmates. This means that you have plenty of options available to you consenting adults. That’s one major benefit of the lifestyle community: you’ll never get bored and will easily find someone with similar sexual tastes. Having a change in partners can improve the relationship between senior couples, as they have the freedom to satisfy their whims.

Staying Youthful While Aging

According to WebMD, having sex on a regular basis can help keep you looking and feeling younger among other health benefits. Author Michael Roizen, MD, claims that studies show that sex twice a week can reduce your RealAge 1.6 years younger versus those who only have relations once a week. He explains that RealAge is an estimation of biologic age rather than chronological years. So, have more intimate relations and retain youthful and vibrant in mind, body and spirit.

There are no age-restrictions concerning who can be involved in swinging, and there are plenty of aging people who take advantage of the perks of the swingers lifestyle. Swing over to and connect with other like minded couples of the same.


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