Three Key Things You Can Learn at a Lifestyle Vacation Retreat


Heads up swingers! If you have been—or are getting more involved—in playing with others, it might be time for you to take a lifestyle vacation. A swingers vacation can open the doors to an entirely new world of pleasure in addition to a greater understanding of yourself.

Here are three transformative things swinging on a like-minded tour can do for you.

1. Open Up to New Experiences

Never been flogged? Always a top or bottom? Never experienced role play? A lifestyle vacation or cruise for swingers can be the ideal place to have these first time experiences. After all, many of these exploits include not only the opportunity to play, but they present the chance to take classes that are geared towards opening your sexual horizons.

2. Get the ‘Scoop’ From the Professionals

On such a journey, you will encounter folks who have been swinging for years and others who may be brand new to the lifestyle. However, you should take every opportunity you get to learn and play with experienced swingers who can open your eyes to entirely new possibilities. Even if you just have a discussion over drinks with such individuals, it’s likely that you will learn quite a bit about succeeding in the lifestyle.

3. Jealousy Control

One thing that there is no room for in the swingers lifestyle is jealousy, which will surely kill even the best relationships. On a group journey, you are likely to become more comfortable seeing your partner playing with others. On the flip side of the coin, you just might realize that all of this ‘sharing’ just isn’t for you. Either way, a swingers vacation is a place where you will find out if you have conquered jealous tendencies—or if you even can.


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