Inside the Mind of a Hotwife: What She’s Really Thinking

hotwife lifestyle

A hotwife is a special type of member of the swingers lifestyle. These ladies simply love having sex with different partners, either in front of their spouse or on solo quests with their partner’s permission and knowledge. So, what goes on in the mind of a hotwife when she’s preparing for a swinging good time with a new playmate?

It’s More Than Just Being Hot and Bothered

Of course, as the day approaches for a swingers encounter, she’s turned on with anticipation. However, even the most experienced hotwives experience a good deal of nerves when meeting a new partner for the first hookup. While eager to get down to business, she’s thinking about what might go wrong, will there be chemistry, and how attractive will he be. Most importantly, she’s wondering what he will think about her.

This is where her full-time partner can come into play to calm her down and remind her about all the qualities she has that make her so attractive. A bit of reassurance can go a long way with a hotwife when swinging, even if the primary partner isn’t present for the dirty deed.

How Much Grooming is Enough?

Hotwives are typically pretty hot to start with, as are many ladies in the swingers lifestyle. Yet, they still wonder how much to groom and prepare for their upcoming ‘dates.’ After all, you want to be attractive and live up to those racy photos and texts you sent, but one doesn’t want to overdo it either. Experienced swingers often focus on pampering themselves before a hotwife session, which helps calms those butterflies and nerves.

The swingers lifestyle is meant for enjoyment, but that doesn’t mean that there’s not quite a bit going on in their heads before swinging sessions. So, if you are considering being a hotwife, prepare yourself for these questions and concerns to arise at some point.


hotwife lifestyle

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