Actual Statistics on Modern Day Swingers

Actual Statistics on Modern Day Swingers One of the most private aspects of a person life is their sexual taste and preference. One such preference is the art and act of swinging. Due to the nature of swinging, many practitioners do not admit to being swingers for fear of possible backlash. Since this issue is private and not discussed in social circles to a great extent, those who wish to enter this world might be hesitant and afraid of moral, religious and social implications of their choice. . In these cases finding others who are like them might be a great moral boost and also provide adequate support in order to facilitate their easy entry into the world of swinging.

According to the studies, swingers are like every average person and not wild and sex crazed as the stereotypes make them out to be. The average age for women to start swinging is 31.4 years and that for men is 35.2 years. Most swingers have nearly 14.1 years of education and are equally distributed across political parties. On the other hand, 72.1% of swingers have religious affiliations as compared to only 61% of the general population.

Because the lifestyle is a lot more private, it is a lot more difficult to analyze the number of swingers. The data needed for successful statistics is difficult to gather. Despite this, there are a number of studies that have been done on swingers so as to reveal the different aspects of their lifestyle. Of these studies, one of the most famous is the 2000 study conducted by Dr. Curtis Bergstrand and Jennifer Blevins Williams. In this article we look at some of the revelations that these studies on swingers have brought to the fore.

Actual Statistics on Modern Day SwingersMarital Status of Swingers

One of the most asked question regarding swingers is whether or not they are married. As it turns out, 89.4% of swingers are either married or in a committed relationship. The relationship term lasts for an average of 10.5 years. From this statistic, many studies conclude that many swingers might be middle aged couples looking for an overall change in their sex life.

Are Swingers Happier than ‘Vanilla’ Couples?

As with the previous question, one of the dominant questions that one might ask before entering the world of swinging is how happy swingers are as couples. To this effect, a study conducted showed that 78.5% of swinging couples are happier and more satisfied with their intimate life as opposed to 64% of the general ‘vanilla’ couples.

Furthermore, the studies conducted on swinging also made a note of the transition that people underwent while entering the arena of swinging. Studies note that those who might have been unhappy or dissatisfied with their sex life experienced a 90.4% increase in their happiness. Overall, it seems that swinging adds a new and happy flavor to the lives of unhappy or bored couples.

For people who want to try swinging or even wish to know what it is like, this is one of the most important and core

When it comes to swinging, other than safety measures, one should not attempt to moralize the preference and shame the act of swinging in any way. At the end of the day, swinging is a private act that requires the highest level of trust which everyone- be it a swinger or a non-participant- should respect and bear in mind.



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