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Swingers.org is an industry leader in swinger news, events and resources for open minded people in the lifestyle.  The swinging lifestyle is growing at a rapid pace and couples are looking for a place on the web to keep up to date with whats happenings in the community.  At Swingers.org, you can do just that, get daily news updates, access exotic swinger events and gain access to lifestyle resources.

A website that newbies and veterans can find useful, swingers.org provides accurate, informative and quality articles to our readers.  Have something to share with the swinging community? Want answers to some of the questions swinging couples have been afraid to ask?  Swingers.org will provide you with all the answers you need.

The lifestyle is about having fun and connecting with others, so join the swinger’s events.  Whether you want to be a part of International Swingers Day or a swingers cruise to Grand Cayman, Swingers.org will provide all the details you need to plan ahead for the lifestyle vacation you have been putting off for years.  A hub for other great resources such as the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom that defends the rights for all adults engaging in safe, sane and consensual sex.  If you have ever feel like you were discriminated against because of your lifestyle, they can help.

The future for swingers look bright and we believe that the lifestyle will continue to grow and attract the younger generation.  By catering exclusively to people in the lifestyle, we are confident that we will continue to move the lifestyle forward.  We are committed to growth and look forward to presenting news, events and other resources people in the lifestyle will find helpful.