Swingers Gain Mainstream Attention

Swingers Gain Mainstram Attention - Swinger News The swinger lifestyle gains media attention from TLC.  The Discovery Network International (DNI) is set to air a new reality show “Swinger Wives” which follow the lives of four Atlanta, Georgia couples living as swingers.   Not to be confused with “Sister Wives”, a show that looks at polyamory relationships, “Swinger Wives” will shine light on the swinging lifestyle and the couples that lives it.

The show, which is set to air selectively on TLC Internationally, will focus on the couple’s double life.  It will broadcast issues they face as a couple and the duplicity of the relationship they share with their family and friends.  Swingers are regular people, with regular profession living a lifestyle not acceptable to the mainstream.  They are misunderstood and this show will try to correct any misconception people may have of why people live as swingers.

Swingers Gain Mainstream Attention - Swinger NewsAs shows like the “Sister Wives” continue to gain momentum, TLC has chosen to shine a light on swingers and their lifestyle.  The couples hope to show just how loving and committed they are to their family and friends by allowing this to be aired publicly.

Check your local listings for “Swinger Wives”.