Spice Up Your Relationship with Swapping


Spice Up Your Relationship with SwappingThere’s absolutely no doubt that sex can add more spice to a relationship. It is also considered to be the best stress buster, but people in long term relationships sometimes experience sexual boredom. Foursomes or wife swapping is a great way to add some spice to your sex life and to experience new adventures with your partner. In simple words, wife swapping is the act of exchanging sexual partners. Evidences of this dates back several centuries. It is believed that Rome had multiple orgies’, which became popular as with the progression of time.

What was previously called wife swapping or foursome is now called a swinger lifestyle. The term is used to describe a form of recreational sexual and social intercourse between couples who’re looking for something more in relationships. Most of the people engaging in a swinger lifestyle are either married or divorced. They get bored and want to explore new areas, so they meet other couples for ongoing intimacy and sex.

Contrary to the common notion, there’s nothing unethical about a swinger lifestyle. It is just about being completely open and honest with your partner regarding your sexual feelings. There is a popular misconception about the lifestyle. Some people believe that only young adults are involved with foursome or group sex. However, most of the participants in orgies at lifestyle events are in their mid-30s or 40s.

Spice Up Your Relationship with Swapping Most couples believe that wife swapping strengthens their bond and leads to a much better relationship. Swapping is divided into two categories:

Soft Swap – Involves only some sexual pleasures like touching and kissing, but not actual sex.

Full Swap – Involves the actual act of penetration or sex.

Sex does not remain boring and dull for swinger couples. They’re able to explore new opportunities, meet new people and strengthen their relationship. However, before you get yourself involved in a swinger lifestyle, it is extremely important discuss the idea with your partner and set some ground rules before diving head first into the lifestyle.

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wife swappingThe first thought in most peoples minds when the subject of wife swapping is brought up isn’t always a positive one. Some may imagine a seedy den, back room or basement on the wrong side of town, where loveless couples meet to engage in casual sex with strangers. The pursuit of the almost divorced, perhaps? Certainly not the pursuit of couples who are madly in love with each other, right? Well the answer may surprise you, as it seems, it’s anything but straightforward. The above example certainly isn’t a fictitious