A Cuckold Story – Part 2

A Cuckold Story - Part 2


A Cuckold Story - Part 2Slurping sounds started filling the room. They were both moaning and breathing very hard. “Your wife is amazing” he stated in my presence.  She moaned in reaction to his compliment. They were now both very naked and he had a handful of her breasts. “Mmmm, they taste great” as he mumbled in between licking and drawing. She closed her eyes and arched her back with a a continuing moan coming from her mouth. He moved lower toward her tight tanned belly, kissing and licking and landing in her p*ssy. He pressed her legs back, and started tonguing her pink opening like a deprived guy eating frozen treats. “Ohhhh, yes”, she moaned as her back arched again. “Mmmmm, yes that feels great! I simply watched as he devoured my youthful wife’s pink p*ssy. Among licking and drawing, he told me how good she tasted as he sampled her tight whole.”

I appeared in a daze, everything was going in slow motion. From nowhere, I was impacted by my spouse climbing on my small lap straddling me. Her mouth was warm as she began kissing me, and I could tell she was more turned on than I’ve ever seen her. All of a sudden, I felt him on his knees behind her. I compensated no focus on him and merely loved her warm hug and kiss. He was getting around seeming to regulate himself, however I paid him no mind. I quickly felt her body tense, she stopped kissing me and her hands held each one of my small arms. Her head went lower on my small chest after which I felt his body moving. “My dear”, I figured to myself, “he’s sliding his c*ck in her p*ssy while she’s directly on my lap.” I felt him withdraw, and then shove his body forward again. With this, she elevated her head and her eyes where glazed over with lust. “Ohhhhhhhhhh my god”, she almost screamed out. Her little hands were holding my arms like a huge c*ck was splitting her open the very first time. Her eyes locked into mine as she moaned out in grunts. Her body was beginning to rock against mine because he A Cuckold Story - Part 2acquired his pace. When I felt her little body rocking against my chest and lap, she started looking into my eyes, “tha…tha…thanks, among heavy moans and grunts.” Her body was almost slamming into mine inside a rocking motion. He was screwing my spouse in my lap. Her moans were now turning out to be short screams in symphony using the rocking against me. She is beautiful, her gorgeous face and her cleavage. Her lengthy hair moved backwards and forwards as he screwed her. My Mary was getting screwed. He began to pound her even harder and faster. I started to question would the chair even hold us while he screwed my wife so hard. I felt her body tense and start to spasm as she closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure. My Mary was getting the very first orgasm of her life.

He quickly picked her up and flipped her over. Lounging her back on my small lap and her head pressed against my belly. He lifted her legs and slid in. “Ohhhhhhhhh yes”, “f$#k me” she begged. I looked lower at her face and locked eyes together with her again. She looked so beautiful with her face flushed and sweaty and her mouth screaming again in grunts. Her breasts were rocking backwards and forwards and her body looked as though it had been getting jack hammered. I’d never screwed her like this, probably the most I’ve done were five to six strokes after which I’d cum. “My spouse was getting screwed finally”, I stated to myself. I was so happy for her. Our eyes locked again once we heard him let out, “here I cum Mary,”OHHHHHHHHHH yessssssssssss”, he moaned.  A few minutes later he was done and he sat back on the ground.
She got on the ground with him and turned to me. She slowly slipped my zipper while looking in my eyes and began to licked and drown my c*ck clean despite the fact that it had been limp. She looked up and smiled at me, I smiled back at her. We made out some more as I watched her beautiful face and large brown eyes; she thanked me over and over for letting her experience such pleasures.  “Your welcome baby”, I responded.

It was only the beginning or our blossoming relationship. We still have an incredible love and marriage, and every now and again she visits him for some real pleasure while I watch.  Both of us appreciate it greatly.

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