Wife Swapping – Why It Is Beneficial For Her

Wife Swapping

Wife swapping is not a new concept. In the last decade, the trend of couple swapping has increased to a great extent. Today, you can find a wide range of clubs, bars and cruises organizing special parties for swinger couples. Swingers include couples, irrespective of their marital status. Those who are married or living together for a long time can be a part of this lifestyle and explore their sexual desires in unimaginable ways.

Wife SwappingSwinging or wife swapping provides freedom to explore sexual pleasures, as well as help couples maintain fidelity and trust. Often it has been seen that monogamy in a married relationship sets in after 5-7 years of marriage. Modern couples might start feeling in less than five years of being together. In such a case, there is a very high chance of infidelity to enter in a relationship, especially if couples are not really aware of each other’s hidden sexual desires.

Wife swapping is all about being open to each other and exploring sexual interests. Its about getting into the play with each other’s consent. The desire for sex with other partners has nothing to do with love and affection. In fact, women tend to become fonder of their partners. It also prevent the sense of insecurity to seep in a relationship. Swinging lifestyle is all about exploring sexual adventures with your partner by adding more people to the overall experience.

Wife SwappingWife swapping has several benefits. This lifestyle has the potential to strengthen a relationship without having anyone suffer from the feeling of insecurity at any point of time. Since both the people experience new adventures, the level of satisfaction improves. Benefits of wife swapping include:

● Meeting bi-curious people to discover hidden sexual desires.

● Ample of intimate opportunities to prevent monogamy.

● Ability to help couples explore sexual interests.

● Improve compatibility and admiration between couples.

● Build strong level of trust.

● Allows couples to meet all type of people.

Couple swapping leads to more flexibility of thoughts between married couples. It is one platform that allows couples to have fun outside their marriage. There is no doubt that even most happy and content couples fantasize to have sexual encounters with other men or women. This means that they are looking to add some spark in their monotonous married life. If you are thinking to be a part of this lifestyle, you should talk to your partner about your thoughts and make her understand the benefits of it. It is much better than being caught cheating on your partner and living two separate lives.


wife swappingThe first thought in most peoples minds when the subject of wife swapping is brought up isn’t always a positive one. Some may imagine a seedy den, back room or basement on the wrong side of town, where loveless couples meet to engage in casual sex with strangers. The pursuit of the almost divorced, perhaps? Certainly not the pursuit of couples who are madly in love with each other, right? Well the answer may surprise you, as it seems, it’s anything but straightforward. The above example certainly isn’t a fictitiousREAD MORE


Couple SwappingAre you thinking of practicing couple swapping? If so, you are not alone. Couple swapping, conventionally known as wife swapping isn’t new. In fact, ancient Rome, Egypt and even tribes such as the Eskimos used to practice it as a part of their traditions. Today, couple swapping has become popular among the swinging lifestyle and is openly accepted by most couples. More and more couples are now becoming open about their sexual desires and fantasies with their better half allowing the free practice of this concept. Also, the advancement ofREAD MORE


Partner SwappingThe Swinging lifestyle, also known as partner swapping has become quite popular in last decade. In fact, swinging was earlier known as wife swapping. This lifestyle has been in practice since ancient period. The only difference is that today couples are more open about it. Modern couples see no harm in sharing their sexual fantasies with other couples with consent of each other. Married couples who participate in such kind of activities are said to be more bold, open and strong. They share each other’s sexual fantasies and work together