How to Get Started on Swapping Your Wife for Sex with another Man

Swapping your wife

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The system of wife swapping has been prevalent since years and is commonly referred to as ‘swinging’ in which committed or married couples engage in sexual activities with another married couple. The concept of wife swapping involves allowing one’s wife to have intercourse with the spouse of another married couple and vice versa. Such sexual activities are often acknowledged as recreational forms of interest. It is often considered as an alternate lifestyle of living with your partner where physical intimacy is considered an affordable sharing.

How to Start Wife Swapping?

Swapping your wifeEngaging in sexual activities with individuals other than your physically intimate partner has become a common practice today. This is for the simple reason that swapping wives is often seen as an intense source of stimulation for husbands who don’t enjoy regular sex. So if you’re engaging in wife swapping you should know how to start. Swinging is a non-monogamous activity which can be of various kinds. Despite the criticism plenty of couples enjoy swinging and continue doing it till today. Wife swapping is one of the most popular trends because it involves multiple partners and is quite experimental. If you are about to enter into the world of wife swapping you should consider the following:

Swapping your wifeIt is very important to maintain good communication with your partner such that you can both discuss needs and wants. Sex is a powerful element where pleasure is a must! So ensure that the couples you wish to swap wives with exceed your expectations. It is important to be confident and comfortable during the process. Trust is necessary if you’re planning on participating in wife swapping. If you’re a swinging couple then you should first and foremost maintain respect for one another despite whatever sexual acts you perform. Couples today engage in carnal activities with other couples who share similar ideas about wife swapping.

If you want to enhance your sexual experiences with your wife then you should know the distinct kinds present out there. If the couple loves exhibitionism then this act involves making out with a partner while being watched by at least one person. Soft swap involves kissing, stroking and oral sex with multiple partners. ‘Menage a trios’ is a term used for threesomes which is usually the case for beginners where three individuals interact with one another in bed. Another popular trend in swinging is voyeurism where group sex becomes a public activity on display. Despite the number of partners involved or the couples willing to swap, the activity should be pleasurable! Sign up for a free swinger site and share your wife here: Wife Swapping


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