Why An Open Relationship Is Better Than Monogamy



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An open relationship is a relationship where partners are free to engage in sexual affairs with other people outside their marriages. Before people decide to engage in open relationships, they will have to discuss and agree among themselves. There are many benefits involved after you decide to engage in the relationship. For instance, people who decide to engage in the relationship tend to experience divorce less often. This is basically because all the parties involved in the relationships are satisfied. Remember nobody is 100% perfect, but through interacting with other people outside marriage, it is very easy for all the parties unloved in a marriage to stay satisfied. Here are reasons why open relationship is better than monogamy:

There is no boredom in open relationship

Unlike in monogamy where one has to be involved with one person each time. Where one can become bored, in the relationship it is very possible for the parties involved to involve other people outside their marriage for them to engage in romantic activities. This leads to satisfying all the parties involved hence making it easily to eliminate cases of boredom in a relationship. It is also very easy for different parties involved to learn different sex styles that will lead them to satisfying each other more.

Cases of divorce are very minimal in an open relationship

For divorce to be resorted, parties involved in a relationship will have failed to agree on different matters. But in a case of a relationship that is open, people are able to iron out their differences easily. This is because in case one fail to satisfy the other, the one who is not fully satisfied can always seek satisfaction from other people. This will not be considered infidelity because the partner knows and he has agreed for the other party to go out and seek sexual satisfaction. There will be no cases where one will feel betrayed due to the fact that the partner has gone out to seek sexual satisfaction. [Read more: Open Relationships and lower divorce]

Couples can easily learn other sexual adventures in life easily

It is only in relations that are open where couples are able to participate in foursomes and threesomes. This makes the lifestyle very popular in couples who will like to experience different adventures in life. In case you will like to enjoy great sexual experience, you can decide to start practicing open relationship. It will lead you to achieving pleasures that people who practice group sex enjoy.

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