Why An Open Relationship Is Better Than Monogamy

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An open relationship is any relationship where partners are free to engage in sexual relations with others outside of their marriages. Before deciding of this type of set up, couples will need to have an open and honest communication about what it means to them while setting boundaries for this type of relationships.

Although there are many great benefits to this type of relationship, couples should be secure in their relationship before embarking on such a lifestyle journey together.

Couples who decide to engage in this relationship trend tend to experience divorce less often. This is basically because all parties involved are satisfied with the set up and know what they should expect. Remember nobody is 100% perfect, but interacting with others outside of the marriage provides one with variety which makes it easy to stay satisfied.

Monogamy on the other hand is the state of being married to only one person at a time which can breathe content and resentment over time. The relationship can sometime grow monotonous over time if both parties are willing to do the work on keeping the relationship excitement going.

We’ve outlined a few reasons why open relationship is better than monogamy:

There is no boredom in open relationship

Unlike monogamous relationship where one has to be involved with one person at a time, open relationships allows people outside of the marriage to be included in romantic activities. This leads to satisfying all parties involved making it easy to eliminate cases of boredom in a relationship. It is also very great to learn different sex styles that may lead to greater satisfaction for all involved.

Cases of divorce are very minimal in an open relationship

Parties involved in a committed relationship resorts to divorce when they have failed to agree on different matters. But people in open relationships tend to address and resolve their differences more easily. It may have something to do with being able to openly express oneself without contention. It may also be that all partners in an open relationship is fully satisfied and can always seek satisfaction from others. This is not considered to be infidelity because all parties involved knows and have agreed to this type of arrangement. [Read more: Open Relationships and lower divorce]

Couples experiment with sexual adventures together

Couples involved in an open relationship participate in threesomes, foursomes and other sexually charged encounters. This makes the lifestyle very popular for couples who like to experience different adventures in life. If you want to enjoy great sexual experiences, you can decide to start practicing an open relationship with your partner. It will lead you to unimaginable pleasures.



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