What Drives Couples To The Swingers Lifestyle?

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Most couples start swinging for different reasons, but it often comes down to exploring their sexuality in a safe and exciting way. Ever since swinging became more prominent in mainstream culture, many couples have started to talk about the possibilities of trying it themselves.

This guide will go over the most common reasons why couples explore swinging and what drives them to actually go through with it.

Swingers Community Are A Safe Outlet

Relationships can often stagnate after the initial honeymoon period, and this can result in lower sex drives in addition to other problems. It’s during this period where both partners have to come together and spice things up. Luckily, swinging is one of the greatest ways to enhance a relationship and keep it thriving once the butterflies start to settle. 

It’s a way for both partners to feel free and explore their sexuality while still cultivating their relationship. It offers the freedom of enjoying multiple partners while also enjoying the deep love and connection from a long-term partner. For couples wishing to experience the best of both worlds, swinging is the perfect outlet to do so!


The Exotic Appeal

Not everyone who tries swinging becomes a swinger, and it’s very common for couples to try it once, enjoy it, and then never do it again. Some people simply get it out of their system while others discover that it takes more work than initially thought.

These types of couples often view swinging as a bucket-list item just like skydiving or running with the bulls. It’s exotic, taboo, and sexy. They try it, enjoy, but then move onto the next item on the list. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with trying swinging just to try it, these types of people often don’t give swinging the time it needs to develop into something deeper and more enjoyable than a one-night stand.

An Outlet for Kinks

No matter how much you love your partner, they may not always be into the exact same kinks that you are. If both partners are ok with it, swinging provides a way to explore kinks with others who understand their appeal. This can keep resentment from growing in the relationship, and often times, a partner may get over their fantasy after trying it in real life. 

Swinging gives all of these benefits and more, and it’s no wonder that couples are continuing to try it out for themselves. If you’re thinking about swinging, talk to your partner about its benefits and set up all boundaries beforehand so you can have an amazing sexual journey together. It’s worth exploring your sexuality, and swinging may be the perfect outlet for you and your partner to try today! 


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