Top Health Benefits of an Orgasm

Everyone loves a good orgasm. Most people strive to have orgasms as often as possible. There are many great benefits to them, other than how they make us feel. When the human body reaches climax, the body goes through a number of responses, some of which have extreme health benefits that no one really talks about.

Below are some of the top health benefits associated with the big “O”, and why having an active and healthy sex life can be advantageous, not just from a pleasure standpoint, but also from a health standpoint.

Top Health Benefits Of An OrgasmGood for your Heart
Orgasms have been known to promote heart health. Ever heard the expression “get the heart pumping?” In the same way exercise or certain cardiovascular activities are known to help strengthen and protect your heart, orgasms have the same effect. They help by reducing and minimizing stress, which is also bad for your heart. The spikes in the hormone called oxytocin, that climaxing releases, helps to reduce stress and more positive emotions replace them. Studies have also shown that orgasms lower blood pressure, and we all know that high blood pressure is linked to heart disease and heart attacks.

Helps You Sleep
When I orgasm I pass out. An orgasms helps the brain and body relax enough so you can fall into a deep and restful sleep. Along with the sometimes vigorous activities that acquiring an orgasm will take, physical exhaustion is not surprising. However the endorphins that are released through climax often have the effects similar to sedatives. Vasopressin, a chemical that is released during sex, is also known as a sleep chemical. It’s no coincidence that many people experience a great night’s sleep after having some really fantastic sex.

Top Health Benefits Of An Orgasm Pain Relief
This benefit seems a bit out there, but it’s actually incredibly true. Orgasms can be a great source of pain relief and pain management. Studies show that women who experience more orgasms, have both a higher tolerance for pain and also experience less pain, which means that experiencing orgasms may suppress pain in the long run. For women who experience painful menstrual cycles, orgasms have been shown to be a great method of pain relief.

Boosts Your Immune System
The immune system is in charge of when you get sick and how sick you get. Regular sex can boost your immune system tremendously. So this means that you may be less likely to get the common cold, or be better able to ward of the germs and viruses that go around your office. Experiencing regular orgasms can keep you healthier than those pesky packets of vitamin C can, after you feel yourself coming down with something.

Get and stay healthy by having an active sex lives and lots of orgasms.




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