The Sexuality Scale

The Sexuality ScaleEver visited the Dark Room of a swingers club?  The Dark Room is pitch black playroom where everything and anything goes.  One can lick, suck, touch or f’ck, so one will have to really be in touch with their sexuality to visit such a room.  Should straight men enter?  They may choose to enter, but they do so at their own risk.  If you consider yourself  homophobic, you may want to stay out.    Not sure what you’re into, visit the Dark Room and find out.

Bisexuals will feel more comfortable in the Dark Room.  The term bisexual refers to a person who is sexually or romantically attracted to both sexes.  A man may wish to date another man and maybe after that relationship ends, start to date a woman, or vice versa.  Also, people get curious and in some cases experiment with their sexuality.  They may enjoy the experience with a same sex partner, but is romantically attracted to someone of the opposite sex.  How can you tell if you are Heterosexual, Homosexual or in-between?

Well, there is a way to measure just that with the Kinsey Scale.  The Kinsey Scale is a way for one to measure their sexuality based on individual experiences.  The scale starts at 0 and goes up to 6.  0 means the person is exclusively heterosexual, 1 means they are a heterosexual but only an incidental homosexual, 2 means they are an heterosexual but a little more than an incidental homosexual, 3 means they are equally open to being a heterosexual and a homosexual, 4 means they are a homosexual but a little more than an incidental heterosexual, 5 means they are homosexual, but only incidentally heterosexual and 6 means they are exclusively a homosexual.  The scale is a bit outdated and there are other factors you may consider.  The ratings of this scale can change over time based on your own experiences, but it’s a good start.

Where do you fall on the Kinsey Scale?




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