Swinging Lifestyle Pro’s & Con’s

Many have written in asking me the Pro’s and Con’s of the Swinging Lifestyle. Below I will address the Swinging Lifestyle Pro’s and Con’s. Just a quick note, you do not need to be married to be swingers.

Swingers Magazine-Swinging Lifestyle Pro's and ConsA: This question has been asked time and time again so I will answer it with some references too. Although the swinging lifestyle is not for everyone there can be several benefits to the lifestyle such as Trust, Communication and Honesty, lets not forget the pleasure as well. When entering the lifestyle it is important to establish rules for you and your spouse. You both need to make sure that you are both in this together.


New Friends– Believe it or not the lifestyle yields many opportunities to embrace new friendships. For some lifestyle couples they make friends for life.

Lower Divorce Rate – Yes, Swingers are known to have a lower than normal divorce rate. One study revealed divorce rates from swingers were only 5%. Interesting statistics considering the normal divorce rate in America is about 40% now.

Final Thought – The added spice that swinging brings can help with the dullness a relationship or marriage can suffer over the first 2 to 7 years. 12 Marriage counselors were interviewed and none saw a problem with swinging or said not to. 


There are only a few cons in the lifestyle and it only has to do with the partners wanting to or not wanting to experience.

Example: Jealousy can play a factor if the couple is not committed or the relationship is rocky. Insecurity, Some men get jealous and insecure. Some couples when swinging, if they are not in a committed relationship may experience one partner enjoying it and the other not enjoying it. Again this goes back to making sure you BOTH want to do this. It is my opinion that Swinging has definitely helped my marriage. My husband and I were Swingers for years before we decided to get married. I feel that swinging helped our relationship bond.