Strange Sex Laws in the United States

The Sybian Room - On Premise Swingers ClubCouples often think that what they do regarding intimacy in private is completely up to them. However, the law would disagree with that! Here are some of the strange sex laws in the United States that will really get you thinking!


There are plenty of people in Indiana that are likely breaking the law when it comes to sexual activity. In the entire state of Indiana, it is illegal to participate in oral sex. It is very interesting that some of the high profile lawmakers of Indiana have been caught in compromising sexual activities – and usually not with their spouses.

Newcastle Wyoming

When you read this strange sex law in the United States, you have to wonder what was going on to make it require such a law! In Newcastle Wyoming, it is considered illegal to have sex in walk in meat freezers.


In the state of Georgia, it is illegal to have sex if you aren’t married. What is very interesting though is that they do have a high rate of babies born to single or unwed mothers. I guess this is one of those strange sex laws in the United States that isn’t being well enforced!


Some of those women in Georgia may be agreeing to sex because the man they are with has stated he will marry them at some point in the future. In Mississippi, it is illegal to tell a woman you will marry her in order to get her to have sex with you.


In the state of Alabama, you can have sex with who you want and when you want. However, it is illegal to use any sex toys. It is also against the law for any man to entice a woman to have sex with him by flattering her.


Here is one that will definitely have you scratching your head! In Minnesota, it is illegal to have sex with a live fish. There is no law against having sex with a dead fish though! In Utah, it is considered illegal to have sex with animals – if you get paid for it. Florida law states that you can’t legally have sex with a porcupine. I think anyone that would try that would learn a harsh lesson!


Gun loves will enjoy this one! In Wisconsin, it is illegal for a man to shoot his shotgun to celebrate his partner having an orgasm.


In the state of Illinois, both hunting and fishing are common activities. However, the law has stated it is illegal to take part in either of these events on your wedding day if you plan to have sex.


One of the peculiar sex laws in Kentucky has to do with the number of times a woman is with a man. She can’t legally have sexual activity with the same man more than three times if they aren’t married. This law doesn’t say they have to be married to each other either!

Washington D.C.

The only sexual position in Washington D.C. that is legal is the missionary position. There are either lots of bored people in that area or plenty who are breaking the law on a regular basis.

Halethrope Maryland/Idaho/Iowa

In Halethrope Maryland, you don’t even have to be having sex to get into trouble with the law. Any act of kissing someone that lasts for more than 1 minute is considered illegal. In Idaho, kissing in public for more than 18 minutes is against the law. The time limit for public kissing in Iowa is 5 minutes.

San Antonio Texas

If the laws against kissing sound harsh, this one is worse. In San Antonio Texas, it is illegal to flirt with anyone. Good thing this law isn’t enforced or there would be lots of unhappy people living in this part of Texas.

Bakersfield California

There is actually a law in Bakersfield California that if you have sex with the devil, it is illegal to do so without a condom.


While the majority of these strange sex laws in the United States aren’t enforced, it is still amazing to know they exist! Some of them may have you scratching your head and others may have made you laugh! Behind every law though is a story, and these laws will certainly make you curious about what transpired to create them.