How to Masturbate

Masturbation is a basic part of healthy sexual functioning. Some people have myths when it comes to masturbation. However, all of them are mere myths and if you’d think logically, it’s nothing more than exploring ones sexuality. If you are wondering exactly how to masturbate, then this guide will help you take the right steps for attainment of utmost sexual pleasure.

For Men

When we talk about masturbation for men, the hand is certainly the most useful tool and they tend use it a lot. Hands are used to rub the penis and other parts of the genital area. However, if experimenting, you might also try rubbing against bed sheet, using toys such How to Masturbate – An Exclusive Guide for Both Men And Women as life-size synthetic sex dolls, or other special devices to stimulate the senses.

Men like lubricants and will apply lubricant all over their penis, or on the device they are using to attain maximum pleasure. Some men choose to lay down straight while masturbating, but others enjoy the standing position and the shower seems to be the place that sees the most action.

Overall, there are many techniques that can arouse sexual desires in men. Most men, especially the younger group, prefer watching porn while masturbating. If you find yourself in the mood and yet to reach the desired level of excitement, it is always a good idea to run your wild imagination for a pleasurable outcome.

For Women

Masturbation for women has varied versions. While female masturbation is by clitoral stimulation and there are countless ways to achieve satisfaction. Certainly hands, primarily the fingers are what women use to masturbate, but many women prefer to indulge in sex toys.

Vibrators tops the chart in the category of women sex toys. It is available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. The intensity of vibrators can be controlled as per individual’s personal needs. In most cases vibrators often become a habit as it provides unsurpassed amount of pleasure, which is impossible for an average man to deliver.

How to Masturbate – An Exclusive Guide for Both Men And WomenIf you want to feel a penis inside your vagina, a dildo can help you fulfill that desire. . A dildo is a penis-shaped object, made with silicone rubber which can be inserted inside the vagina for maximum stimulation. The market is flooded with a huge variety of dildos, all made with synthetic material. It aims at delivering the feelings that you would get from a real penis.

Flowing water is another medium to satisfy your urge of being sexually aroused. Many women like to masturbate by running water in the full stream. Lie down in the tub, run the water and let it flow directly on your vagina. The temperature, flow of water and other factors play an important role in determining the intensity of your satisfaction. Using water jets is the best way to attain maximum pleasure. If you have a Jacuzzi at home, fill it up with hot water and use water jets to arouse the stimulation.

These were some of the most common ways that you can use to masturbate. These tips will definitely help you attain maximum sexual pleasure, even when your partner is not around or if you are yet to explore your sexual fantasies.