Strange Sex

Swinger Magazine - Strange Sex There are many different fetishes and some we have discussed “10 Most Common Sexual Fetishes”.  There are Arts of all kinds from the mild to the wild, but what about the strange?  TLC Network has a new show called Strange Sex where people let us into some of their deepest darkest fetish and strange things that get them aroused.

According to Kimberly Anderson, Director of Summa Center for Sexual Health, “Pretty much anything can be eroticized”.  Some people tend to be attracted by objects or body parts, but experts believe that this is linked to childhood experiences, where objects are linked to a sexual pleasure and arousal.

It is estimated that there are Swinger Magazine - Strange Sex between 250,000 to 500,000 self identified fetishes here in the US.  Here is a brief list.

  1. A man in love and has sex with his car.
  2. Feederism – this is where a man gets sexually aroused by feeding and gaining weight for an overly obese woman.
  3. Adult breastfeeding –
  4. A man in love with a doll.
  5. A man with a balloon fetish
  6. A man attracted to the scent of women shoes.
  7. Enema


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