Soft Swap Couples – What it Means in the Swingers Lifestyle

soft swap

In the world of swinging, the lifestyle can bring about a few questions—especially for newbies. One of the biggest conversations (and one of the first) often includes facing the question of whether a couples will engage in soft swap or full swap arrangements.

There are benefits to both options, and many transition from being soft swap couples into full swaps. So what’s the difference and why is it a big deal? Lets swing into the details.

Soft Swap Versus Full Swap in the Lifestyle

Soft swapping can involve a wide range of actions ranging from kissing or fondling each other. Some couples in the lifestyle might expand these boundaries to having oral sex. In essence, the term soft swap means that there is no sexual penetration with the other party. In a full swap, penetration is pretty much a given. However, these limitations must be discussed by those in the swingers lifestyle to avoid any mishaps and disagreements.

soft swap

The Amazing Benefits of Soft Swapping

Regardless of how “sex positive” and open a couple entering the swingers lifestyle may be, there are typically lines that partners will not be willing to cross. Some couples might want to avoid the chances of bouts of jealousy that could result from full swaps, which makes a soft swap the ideal choice.

That being said, many couples in the lifestyle eventually become more comfortable with the concept of fully sharing their partner with others. It may begin by just watching other couples or being watched having sex, which can help diminish some of those fears.

But arguably, the biggest benefit of transitioning slowly into a full swap couple is getting to have SEX! Either way, once opening up to the idea of indulging in the swingers lifestyle, hard swaps increases the chances of meeting other sexually open couples and partners, which doubles the fun!

One thing to keep in mind, is that not all engagements have to be full swaps, and many couples choose to begin their relations with other partners as soft swaps and work up to a trust level before going deeper—literally and figuratively.

A Few Key Notes Before Undertaking Partner Swaps

Communication is pivotal in the swingers lifestyle, even when only soft swapping is on the menu. Have a conversation with your partner about how far you may want to go, but keep in mind that the excitement and sensuality of soft swaps can sometimes lead to the urge of going farther.

And there is nothing worse than getting caught up in the moment and having a partner with hurt feelings due to the experience. So, make the conversation happen, and consider having a safe word set, so that consent can be granted or denied should things get too hot and heavy.


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Soft Swap

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