Rules Swinging Couples / Newbie’s Should Follow


Rules Swinging Couples or Newbie’s Should FollowThe swinging lifestyle requires couples to have a lot of love, energy, trust and flexibility, so it’s important that the foundation is set so that couples can freely enjoy what the lifestyle has to offer.  Swinging should not be an option for an already failing relationship.  This is something that you and your partner should be open to try together.  Swingers actually set ground rules for play before engaging the lifestyle.

Swinging is for couples who are secure with themselves and their relationship but are looking for new ways to grow and enjoy each other sexually.  There are a few basic questions you and your partner should discuss before getting involved in the lifestyle.

  1. Why Am I interested in the LifeStyle?
  2. Why is my partner interested in the LifeStyle?
  3. What activities am I willing to engage in?
  4. What activities am I not willing to engage in?
  5. Are we interested in groups, couples, single female or single men only?
  6. Do we engage in full swap or soft swap?

Rules Swinging Couples or Newbie’s Should FollowAfter answering the above questions, there are basic rules that swinging couples should know:

  1. Know yourself – Are you doing this just to make your partner happy, or is this a lifestyle you would really like to explore.
  2. Know your partner – Both of you are in this together and it’s important to make that clear from the beginning.
  3. Share what you have learned – Whether it’s about the lifestyle or just about each others feeling, thoughts or motivation.
  4. Create rules you can both be comfortable with – One partner may be more adventurous that the other, so make sure to set rules that makes you both feel comfortable.
  5. Don’t break the rules – Stick with the rules and don’t try to change them in the heat of the moment.
  6. Take time to talk about your experiences – Discuss with your partner, the aspect of the lifestyle that you enjoy and the parts you don’t.
  7. Leave the option open to revise your rules – Be flexible, if you are having difficulties in your relationship weather illness or financially, be open to adjusting those rules, or if thing are going well and friendship or bonds are formed, you may wish to make changes to those rules to accommodate the situation.

Work together as a team and your relationship will grow in a healthy and happy manner.


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