Meet The Closet Swingers: Are You One?

Meet The Closet Swingers: Are You One?      You are captured by an awesome profile on but wait, there are no pictures! What could this couple be hiding? Such a great profile with no pictures? Well, they may be “closet swingers.”

The profile of this couple is just right- all you have been looking for, they look like an exciting couple and better still you are in the same age group. This clearly shows how compatible you are! Every bit of information about this couple seems legit. From where they went to school; their jobs and they describe themselves so clearly. The only thing you keep guessing is what they look like.

Would they be willing to send you a picture if you requested it? Maybe, or maybe not. Some profiles will state that they would send a picture after a few contacts, while others prefer to chat online so you can see what each other looks like. The internet is so full of fake people and lots of people with free time to waste.

From an individual experience, you think that if they do not have any pictures, then they must be masking something. But what is it they are not willing to share? You may have had some bad experiences when you tried a no picture profile that ended up with a weird looking couple! No way! You have completed your profile with pictures to match, but why haven’t they done so?

Even though we are in the freest thinking country in the world, there are some things about our private lives that we cannot talk so openly about. Does that make us the open minded people that we keep saying we are? Maybe the profile we are talking about above is that of a closet swinger. The reason they do not want to openly show themselves out there is because they are afraid of their pictures being linked to swinging owing to their family, career and friends who may judge their lifestyle or they may be an important figurehead.

We would prefer to think that all those who surround us have liberal minds and that what we do with our private lives is our business. But is that the case? What if your colleague at work saw your pictures on the internet? This could be one of Meet The Closet Swingers: Are You One?      the reasons so many people who subscribed to the lifestyle choose to hide their images. Still, there are so many of us who show off our images and do not care what other people see or hear. After all, what business do they have to do with me swinging when I’m not working? And will people treat you differently if they know? Do they already know?

Swinging is not anything you want to share with everyone especially family since they may not understand anyway! Discussing our sexual escapes with family and coworkers is not quite the norm. So why would you feel obliged to tell them? A lot of people think that being members of swing sites could land them in trouble so they opt to have no pictures at all.

Gays are openly coming out, but closet swingers are still afraid. Why? You obey the law and aren’t forcing anyone into your lifestyle. You also don’t have to tell everyone out there that you are one of the closet swingers, but if they come across your pictures on a swinging website, then you can tell them. There’s nothing to be afraid of. And, what were they doing on the sites in the first place? This is your private life and you do not have to answer to anyone. Period. This is what you enjoy doing, it’s your lifestyle.



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