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masturbation tips

There’s no denying that masturbation effects typically have the same result—pleasure. However, the method in which you get those vibes swinging can change up depending on your approach to solo pleasure. Men and women often stick with the routine ‘self quickie,’ but we have a few tips to take your masturbation effects to the next level of heightened sensations.

3 Solo Pleasure Tips for Women

1. Take a Ride on the Wild Side

Bring humping back! You don’t need a dong to take a ride when you think old school and grab a rolled up towel or firm pillow to straddle. Ride out your pleasure by setting it atop an ottoman, mattress or other solid surface and enjoy complete control of speed and friction with direct clitoral stimulation.

2. Penetration During Masturbation

Penetration gives women a feeling of fullness that mimics that of ‘real’ sex. However, many women report a lack of clitoral contact in traditional sex positions. Using a toy or fingers during masturbation gives the experience an added edge that can transform into mind blowing orgasms—especially if you get a good swingers or role playing fantasy in your head during self-pleasure.

3. Take Advantage of Running Water

Invest in a hand-held shower head and let it coax you into bliss with powerful streams to the sweet spot. No shower head? Ease yourself legs up beneath the water spout, and position your goodness under the flowing water as you run a tub and start your bath nice and relaxed. Have a pool or hot tub? Find a jet and pervy in the pool discreetly.

3 Masturbation Tips for Men

1. Turn it Up with a Sleeve

Today’s super soft cock sleeves feel extremely realistic and are affordable. Top options are reversible and feature ribbed textures for a highly stimulating experience that’s better than the hand alone. There are also onahole style models such as the Fleshlight that have a full surround with base for maximum head stimulation.

2. Put a Ring on Your King

Using a soft, flexible cock ring can help men achieve stronger erections that they can maintain longer for extended solo sessions or partner play. There are plain o-ring styles and some that have ribbed tops or vibrating bullet pouches to increase pleasure to certain erogenous zones on users and partners.

3. Give Nipple Stimulation a Try

Many ladies get off to having their nipples pinched, suckled and gently nibbled on, but a lot of guys don’t give any thought to this zone as a potential turn on for themselves. There’s nothing to lose by trying it out to see what kind of masturbation effects it will have on you. Clothes pins, bobby pins or actual nipple clamps can be clipped on with ease. Some sets have adjustable screws to control the pressure upon the nipples.

Mutual Masturbation Time for Couples

Last but not least, if you love watching each other get off by masturbating, here’s a tip for you both. Watch porn together! While it’s likely you watch it on your own, it’s never too late to get beyond the shyness and check out some sexy scenes together. A perfect quarantine project with desirable results for everyone!

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