How to Set the Mood for Valentine’s Day

Are you planning on getting together with your sweetie on Valentine’s Day? Whatever your plans are, there are a few things you can do to set the mood and make it memorable. Don’t have the money for a romantic getaway? You can still go all out. Below are 4 ways to help set the mood and pamper your Valentine.

How to Set the Mood for Valentine’s Day 1. Focus on Flowers

Flowers are very important when it comes to setting the mood for Valentine’s Day. When choosing a flower, make sure you consider the scent and the color of the flower. Choose a flower that will impress both you and your partner. Besides roses, flowers such as irises, lilies, orchids and tulips also provide a sexy, feminine and inviting ambiance. You can also focus on individual blooms. For a streamlined modern look, create a low, tight, single-color cluster in a cylindrical vase or in a simple square. Place small bowls with floating candles among a sea of flower petals to add a dramatic touch.

2. Choose the Right Colors

To create the perfect moods for the big day, make sure you select the right colors. The right color(s) will be one that both you and your partner like. Most people prefer red but you can also choose any other color that you feel most comfortable with. You don’t necessarily need to paint your walls or start form the scratch. Adding some throw blankets and deep colored pillows is enough to set the mood in any room. Long plush velvet drapes weather acting as room divider or covering windows can also add a sensuous and soft presence.

How to Set the Mood for Valentine’s Day3. Add Music

If you are having a romantic dinner at home or anywhere else, music can help to set the mood that you want. A playlist consisting of romantic tunes is perfect for a Valentines night. Be very careful not to overpower the environment with loud music. The music playing in the background should be sensual and soft, but not loud enough to actually filter the room. Design a mix that will blend well with your surroundings.

4. Prepare the Tableware

The more effort you actually put into making the evening special, the more romantic it will be. No matter what’s on the menu or on the table, even if its soda and Chinese takeout, make sure that you take your time to set the table and make it romantic.

Turn the TV off, turn the music down low, light some candle and enjoy each other company. That is the most romantic thing you can do on Valentine’s Day.


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