How Do Lesbian Swingers Connect In & Out The Lifestyle?

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Let’s clarify straight away: most lesbians are not known for delving very heavily into the swinging scene. That’s not to say that these women don’t enjoy the company of a variety of partners, but the special ‘tastes’ of lesbians typically finds them lurking for love in non-swingers lifestyle types of places and events. There are some ways sappho ladies connect in the heat of the night…or the light of day.

Finding Lesbian Love Online

Tinder and Grinder seem predominantly geared toward vanilla daters, but there’s certainly quite a few lesbians and gays who find some great times on these apps. However, is gaining traction with mainstream communities as it’s a better alternative to connecting with individuals of similar interests. People that have commonalities beyond loving the same gender can lead to enduring companionship that goes far beyond swinging good times on the side. They also have a Facebook Group that connects you with locals and allows you to utilize local group searches within their group.

Gay-Friendly Clubs for Swinger Lesbians

Lesbians and gay men just call these ‘gay bars’ most of the time, and there do tend to be more females inside such clubs than men. Of course, over time these clubs gain a reputation to catering predominantly to men or women (why this is…we don’t know!) So, don’t be surprised to find clubs and even coffee shops locally geared toward one or the other. Lesbians and bi-sexual men have been known to circle a few swingers club in search of something new. They are a great places to prowl and people watch to see if any potential playmates capture your attention.

Reside in a Liberal City

Living in a city with open-minded folks will certainly help you discover other lesbians looking for partnerships and pleasure. Cities such as Houston, Seattle, New York, Ft. Lauderdale, and LA are great places to let one’s freak flag wave high, so the gay community doesn’t hide in these places. With so many small-town ladies moving to such cities, finding a hot mama somewhere is far easier than you might think.

Regardless of your favorite flavor of lady, there are plenty of ways for lesbians to connect—swinging freely or with both feet on the ground is just one of them.

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