G Spot Techniques


Finding a woman’s G Spot will make a woman orgasm and fall deeply in love with you.  Some women have never experienced an orgasm, so here are some tips that could change that.  All that is required are fingers and your mouth.

G Spot Techniques

  • Make her feel relax and confident; women enjoy sex when they are comfortable with their partner.
  • Explore her vagina with you fingers.  The vagina is complex, and will take more than a rabbit jab to get her off.
  • Find her G Spot with your hands, while using your tongue to caress her clitoris. (According to Wikipedia, the G Spot is a bean shaped area of the vagina located 1 to 3 inches up the vagina wall between the vaginal opening and the urethra.)
  • Kissing her inner thighs and labia will get her ready for an orgasm
  • Using your pointer and middle finger, firmly slide them slowly up her vagina.  (as far as your finger will go)
  • Stimulate her G Spot by pulling or pressing your fingers harder against it…..it will start to swell as she gets near climax and soon she will begin to cum..

It may take several attempts to get your woman to reach orgasm, but repeat the steps above if necessary and I’m sure she will climax.




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