Free Swingers Magazine Download

LifeStyle Magazine Free DownloadThe newest version of the swinger’s publication – LifeStyle Magazine is now available online.  Download your free copy of the happenings of the lifestyle.   The summer 2013 edition is filled with erotic tips, tricks and sizzling lifestyle destinations.  Read wild swinger’s club review as you plan your next date night with a swingers club in mind.   LifeStyle Magazine is truly your guide to the swinging lifestyle.

The latest issue of the magazine covers erotic articles that will sure to get your blood pumping.  “Dirty Talk” with Dr. Jess helps you to tap into you inner most fantasy and arouse your partner with just your words.  Felling shy, don’t worry; Dr. Jess goes step by step on how to accomplish you goals of sexual arousal with words.  She even outlines a few lines you can your for your next session with your partner.

Women love oral pleases, so in this issue you will find a great article about cunnilingus.  “5 Tips How to Perform Oral Sex on a Woman” will have you mastering the art and capturing hearts.  “Top Places to Have Sex in Water” gives you ideas on spicing up your sex life.  Also learn about “Lifestyle Fetishes Trends” and the “Top 10 Nude Beaches in California.”

LifStyle Magazine promotes a living a healthy swinging lifestyle.  Take care of your body and mind with a balanced diet and exercise.  In this issue they focus on the secrets of grapefruit and how it can help you to lose weight.  Grapefruit contains calcium phosphorus, folic acid, and multiple other vitamins some of which increase your metabolism and strengthen your immune system.  This is a great article to healthy swinging.

Access past issues of the magazine and read some of their more popular articles such as: “Types of Male Orgasm,” “Does Size Count” and so much more….. Download your free copy now!